11th WCCT 2021-22 Results

The 11th World Chess Composition Tournament (WCCT) of the WFCC is completed. In total 33 countries participated in the tournament with 550 compositions in eight sections. The tournament was announced in May 2020 and the closing date for the submission of entries was July 1st, 2021. One document with clarifications and one with claims and replies were circulated to the participating countries. In March 2022 WFCC decided to exclude the teams of Russia and Belarus from the tournament in response to the hostilities in Ukraine and the Official Statements of FIDE Executive Council. The closing date for the judgments was extended to August 1st, 2022 and they were all received on time.
The winner of the 11th WCCT is Slovakia, ahead of Ukraine and Germany. All 33 participating countries received points. At the moment you may download the score tables only (overall and of each section). The full booklet with diagrams, solutions and comments will be available by mid of October.

Update (a few hours later!): Thanks to those who pointed out that there are a few mistakes in the overall scores table. In the totals of some countries the formula was not correct. Apologies for the oversight. Please download the correct file again.

11th WCCT: Claims & Replies

The claims of the 11th WCCT were published on December 29th, 2021 on the page of the tournament.

These are the claims concerning formal soundness, comparison problems and misprints in the entries to the 11th WCCT, as well as the replies received.

Introduction | Section A | Section B | Section C | Section D | Section E | Section F | Section G | Section H | The whole document

The judgments should be sent to the tournament director by August 1st, 2022 (new date!)

Harry Fougiaxis

Extension of WCCI and WCCT judging deadlines

The World Federation for Chess Composition strongly condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the involvement of Belarus and expresses its solidarity and support for the Ukrainian people. We feel deep sorrow for all the victims of the war and their families.

Ukrainian problemists are facing mortal danger right now, so it is unreasonable we keep the original time schedule of WCCI 2019-21 and WCCT-11; the deadline for WCCI judges and WCCT judging countries is rescheduled for 1st of August 2022. In the coming weeks we will have a more clear picture of the situation and will update you further.

11th WCCT: Claims

The claims of the 11th WCCT are published on the page of the tournament.
Introduction | Section A | Section B | Section C | Section D | Section E | Section F | Section G | Section H | The whole document

Important notes:
1. The claims concern only formal soundness, comparison problems and misprints. Claims regarding thematic contents and quality of expression or construction were not allowed in this phase of the tournament. After consultation with the spokesman of the WCCT committee, matters related to conventions were also left to the opinion and evaluation of the judging countries.
2. Replies to claims should be sent to the tournament director Harry Fougiaxis by March 1st, 2022.
3. Only the appointed national team leaders may send replies.
4. The judging countries should start the judgment process immediately, in order to save time. The  judgments should be received no later than June 1st, 2022.
My warm wishes for 2022, hopefully free of viruses and restrictions! – Harry Fougiaxis

Update of 06.01.2022: The PDF files of the introduction, section D, section E and of the whole document have been updated with a few additional comments. Please download the files again!

Update of 14.01.2022: The PDF files of section H and of the whole document have been updated with the notification that H29 is cooked. Please download the files again!

11th WCCT: Entries


Harry Fougiaxis, the director of the 11th World Chess Composition Tournament, presents the ENTRIES BOOKLET of 8 sections with introduction (available from the 11th WCCT page): Introduction  | Section A  | Section B  | Section C  | Section DSection D (PGN)  | Section E  | Section F  | Section G  | Section H

35 countries participate with 86 compositions in A, 75 in B, 67 in C, 74 in D, 92 in E, 71 in F, 54 in G and 79 in H.
Update 11.09.2021: The PGN file of section D (endgame studies) has been updated with comments from some countries. Please download again.
Update 02.09.2021: The file of section H (proofgames) has been updated as the diagram and the solution of H78 were incorrect. Please download again.
Update 01.09.2021: The file of section C (moremovers) has been updated as the solution of C56 was incomplete. Please download again.

Important notes:

  1. The teams may send claims before December 1st, 2021 to the tournament Director, Harry Fougiaxis (loyaldragon@gmail.com).
  2. Only appointed team leaders may send claims.
  3. Only claims concerning obvious misprints and errors, soundness and anticipation will be accepted. Claims about the thematic contents or technical improvement will be ignored.
  4. The judging countries should start judgment process immediately, in order to save time.

11th WCCT: Announcement


WFCC is glad to announce the 11th World Chess Composition Tournament. Of course we are not so glad that we do this with such a great delay compared to the original schedule. We had to overcome several obstacles in the process: (1) the committee members needed considerable time to analyze the proposed themes and agree on the wording; sometimes the discussion was even heated and seemed it was close to a dead end, (2) the flow of the work was not always smooth with committee members losing their motivation for weeks, (3) poor response of the countries that volunteered to judge (we managed to complete the list just a few days ago!), (4) the initially appointed director stepped down for personal reasons, etc.

The director of the tournament is Harry Fougiaxis. The deadline for registration of the countries is July 15th, 2020. The closing date for submission of the entries is July 1st, 2021. Announcement in PDF.

Happy composing!