What is WFCC


The World Federation for Chess Composition (WFCC) promotes the artistic form of chess through its main activities: official international solving and composing tournaments and the publication of collections of the most beautiful chess compositions.

WFCC currently has 44 member countries. It began as part of the FIDE as the Permanent Commission for Chess Composition (FIDE PCCC) on 15th May 1956 in Budapest. It became an independent organization in 2010. 

The goal of the WFCC’s existence and work is the dissemination and encouragement of chess composition throughout the world.

The principal activities of the WFCC are derived from its goal; they include

  • the formulation of rules and guidelines in all domains of chess composition
  • the arrangement of official international composing and solving competitions
  • the initiation of the publication of collections of chess compositions of general interest
  • the attribution of titles to particularly deserving persons active in chess composition.

An organisation deemed by the WFCC to represent the residents of a country interested in chess composition (or a majority thereof) can be a country member of the WFCC. They are represented by a delegate. Other representatives are individual members (honorary presidents and honorary members).

The WFCC’s organs are:

  • WFCC Meeting (meeting of the representatives, ordinarily once a year)
  • Presidium (President and three Vice-Presidents)
  • Treasurer and Auditor
  • Delegates
  • Committees

The 50th Anniversary Meeting of the Permanent Commission of the FIDÉ for Chess Composition (PCCC) –
A retrospective and prospective view by Dr Klaus Wenda

Delegates | Committees

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