WCCC 2024 Jūrmala: last call for registration

Latvian Chess Problem Society reminds you about the deadline to register for the 66th World Congress of Chess Composition:  27.05.2024!

Registration on the official website of WCCC 2024 will keep working up to the end of June, but don’t wait for too long! We advise to register even before you make your mind about each detail.  Being a registered participant you would be getting from us all important emails about the event.

The same time we would appreciate if you inform the organizers by email wccc2024@wfcc.ch in a case of cancellation.

The last day to have guaranteed rooms in the official venue of the Congress, Hotel Jurmala SPA, is 27.05.2024! The discounted prices will be still valid up to 27.06.2024, but the reservations will be a subject to availability. No more discounted rooms starting 28.06.2024! Please consider a high season, and much higher regular prices in the same hotel!

Invitation to Jurmala: 66. WCCC & 47. WCSC

Latvian Chess Problem Society has the honor to invite all delegates of the World Federation for Chess Composition (WFCC), national teams and individual solvers, chess composers and all those interested in problem chess, to attend the
66. World Congress of Chess Composition and
47. World Chess Solving Championship.

Week of: 27.07.2024 – 03.08.2024 | Place: Jurmala, Beach resort of Latvia

The WCCC venue – Hotel Jūrmala SPA – a 4 star hotel, one of the largest spa hotels in the Baltics. The hotel has a perfect location right in the heart of the resort town Jūrmala – on pedestrian Street Jomas and just a few hundred meters from the golden beach.

Contact: wccc2024@wfcc.ch | INVITATION in PDF | Official website of the WCCC 2024

Awards of Composing tournaments @ WCCC Batumi 2023

The content of the official website of the Batumi WCCC 2023 was removed by the organizer. So, the information published there disappeared. However, thanks to Roland Ott, who has collected all awards of official and unofficial composing tournaments with the help of foreign composers (a special thanks to Jorma Paavilainen!) we have them published in the Batumi page of the MEETINGS section:

Jurmala will host 66th WCCC and 47th WCSC (27.07 – 03.08.2024)

WFCC online Meeting, 8th November 2023

30 Member Countries took part in the WFCC online Meeting that was mostly devoted to discussion about the future WFCC events and the host of the 66th WCCC and 47th WCSC 2024.

At the beginning, the FIDE Album Committee spokesman Harry Fougiaxis announced the new title-holders in chess composition:

  • Grandmaster: Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen (DEN)
  • International Master: Karen Sumbatyan (RUS)
  • FIDE Masters: Sergiy Didukh (UKR), Daniel Keith (FRA), Jan Sprenger (GER), Aleksandr Stavrietsky (RUS)


These norms were fulfilled according to the results of the Section D (endgames) of the FIDE Album 2019-2021, published on 4th November.

→read more: WSC rules and discussion by country…

This long-lasting session was interrupted after speeches of some other delegates, to execute secret voting while all participants were still present. Out of 30 delegates in the Zoom Meeting 21 gave vote to Jurmala, four to Rhodes and three to Rio de Janeiro. One delegate didn’t vote and one was abstained. After adding two more votes sent by email, Jurmala convincingly won straight majority with 23 votes from 32 delegates.

With such a wide support, we will be preparing for a memorable Congress in Latvia, from 27th July to 3rd August 2024!

After the voting some delegates had to leave, while others continued the review by countries.

→read more: discussion by country…

This Zoom Meeting was excellently organized by the secretary Mohammad Alhallak. He also replaced the UAE delegate Abdulla Ali Aal Barket in presenting optimistic plans about development of solving in the UAE, in neighboring countries and in the whole Asia.

Marjan Kovačević, WFCC president

65th WCCC – Highlights and Decisions

31 member countries were present, 4 of them via Zoom connection. Armenia was welcomed as the 44th member country of the Federation.

Upcoming events 2024:

20th International Solving Contest (ISC) on 21 January 2024, central organizers Luc Palmans and Arvydas Mockus.

17th European Chess Solving Championship (ECSC) iHagen, Germany 19-21 April 2024.

66th World Congress of Chess Composition (WCCC) and 47th World Chess Solving Championship (WCSC): the deadline for bids extended till October 15, decision postponed for the WFCC online Meeting.

Batumi 4.9.2023 – Eddy Van Beers winner of World Solving Cup 2022/2023!

Open Solving Tournament of WCCC 2023 | 17th and last tournament of World Solving Cup 2022/2023:
Participants: 77 | Winner: junior Ural Khasanov (FID) ahead of Eddy Van Beers (BEL), junior Danila Pavlov (FID), Kacper Piorun (POL) and Aleksey Popov (FID)
GM norms of juniors Ural Khasanov and Nikita Ushakov (both FID), 2nd FM norm of junior Mihnea Costachi (ROU) who gets the FM title and also 7th FM norm for and Kevinas Kuznecovas (LTU) who will directly get the IM title based on previous IM norms.
Average rating of top ten solvers: 2609.08 | WSC category: 1
Final standings top 5: 1. Eddy Van Beers (BEL) 91 points (+41), 2. Kevinas Kuznecovas (LTU) 90 points (unchanged), 3. Piotr Murdzia (POL) 87 points (+23), 4. Danila Pavlov (FID) 83 points (+36), 5. Kacper Piorun (POL) 71 points (+31).
More details published in Competitions→Solving→World Solving Cup @ Solving Portal

WCCC2023: 46th WCSC

(05-06.09.2023) 46th World Chess Solving Championship 2023
Main Judge: Steinbrink, Axel | Assistant: Klasinc, Marko | Problems Selected by: Steinbrink, Axel

(07.09. 15:00) The FINAL results of the 46.WCSC 2023 announced!

FINAL RESULTS: Individual | Team | Senior | Junior | Women

Problem difficulty | Norms | Problems | Solutions

(06.09. 15:50) In case of appeals please send an e-mail to me or see me in the tournament hall before the solving show” – director Axel Steinbrink, axel.steinbrink@gmx.de

Preliminary Individual Results
Preliminary TEAM Results

(06.09. 14:00) Preliminary Individual Results after 5. Round
Preliminary TEAM Results after 5. Round

(06.09. 11:50) Preliminary Individual Results after 4. Round
Preliminary TEAM Results after 4. Round

(05.09. 15:10) Preliminary Individual Results after 3. Round
Preliminary TEAM Results after 3. Round

(05.09. 14:08) Preliminary Individual Results after 2. Round
Preliminary TEAM Results after 2. Round

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WCCC2023: Open Solving

(05.09.2023, 15:30) The FINAL RESULTS of Open Solving tournament are announced and can be found on WSC calendar (click on “R” of the open in the calendar – there are also the norms and WSC-points)!

(04.09.2023) Open Solving tournament.
We decided that solvers who did not write tin the first study the black moves 6…Qf1+ and 7….Qh3+ will get not more than 3 points. Appeals and protests are possible until Tuesday 3 pm.
Director: Axel Steinbrink | Assistant director: Marko Klasinc


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