Handbook of Chess Composition

Handbook of Chess Composition


Handbook of Chess Composition - 67 pages, size A4, version 7, July 2016, pdf-file (1 Mb). Editor Hannu Harkola.

The first version of this booklet with the title “Problem Chess Lists” was published in August 1989.




  • Meetings
  • Members and delegates
  • Presidents


  • Statutes
  • Solver’s rating
  • Rules for rating calculation
  • Criteria for acceptability of the tournaments at which ratings and norms can be gained
  • Criteria for gaining norms
  • Criteria for gaining titles
  • Rules of the WCSC and ECSC
  • Codex
  • Study tourney guidelines


  • Grandmasters of the FIDE for Chess Compositions
  • International Masters of the FIDE for Chess Compositions
  • FIDE Masters for Chess Compositions
  • Honorary Masters of Chess Composition
  • International Judges for Chess Compositions
  • International Solving Grandmasters
  • International Solving Masters
  • FIDE Solving Masters
  • FIDE Solving Judges
  • International Titles


  • World Chess Solving Championship Tourneys
  • European Chess Solving Championship Tourneys
  • International Solving Contests
  • The International Team-Matches for Chess-Composition and the World Chess Composition Tournaments of the FIDE
  • World Championship in Composing


  • FIDE-Albums
  • FIDE-Album points 1914-2009, point order
  • FIDE-Album points 1914-2009, alphabetical order

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