63.WCCC – 5.YCCC results

The 5th YCCC with 50 participants from 12 countries has doubled the results of the record breaking 4th YCCC. 12 judges were involved in the process of the evaluation. The winners of all three sections were announced on the final banquet of the 63rd WCCC:

Section A – twomovers (Judge David Shire): 1. Ural Khasanov (Russia),
2. Ilija Serafimović (Serbia), 3. Hajime Tachioka (Japan)

Section B – endgames (Judge Steffen Nielsen): 1. Alexey Popov (Russia),
2. Ilija Serafimović (Serbia), 3. Andrii Sergiienko (Ukraine)

Section C – free theme / genre (The panel of 10 judges):
1. Toshimasa Fujiwara (Japan), 2. Benjamin Defromont (France), 3. Itay Richardson (Israel)

The full booklet presenting the gallery of participants and 3 awards:

Introduction | Award Section A | Award Section B | Award Section C
(available also in the section COMPETITIONS/COMPOSING -> YCCC)

The Youth Committee congratulates all participants and thanks the judges for their wonderful work!

5th Youth Chess Composing Challenge

After a break of one year, another edition of the YCCC is on the way.
This year, 5th YCCC is open to the U23 generation (born no earlier than 01.01.1998), and to all different genres of chess composition.

All young chess composers, and those who would like to try their hands in this kind of chess art, are invited to take part in three different sections (two of them with the set thematic conditions)!

The deadline for submission of the entries is 30th September.
The results are planned to be announced on 22th October 2021, during the Closing ceremony of the Rhodes WCCC 2021.

4.YCCC: Results & Gallery

black-yccc-transpYCCC2019-winners4th YCCC attracted 54 entries by 25 participants from 9 countries! Announcement English/Russian | Results (PDF) | Photo gallery

The Youth Chess Composing Challenge (YCCC) is an individual international competition first introduced by the Serbian Chess Problem Society in 2016. Since 2018, the YCCC has become a joint project of the newly established Youth Committee of the World Federation for Chess Composition (WFCC), and a part of regular program of the yearly WFCC Meetings.

YCCC competitions are presented in the /Competitions/Composing section.

62nd WCCC: first reports

WCCC_2019_Vilnius_logo_be fono

23.08.2019 The results of the official tournaments:

22.08.2019 FINAL results of the 43rd WCSC
problems | solutions | final individual results | juniors results | seniors results |
women results | team results | norms

21.08.2019 WCSC 2nd day (3 x h# ; 3 x #n ; 3 x s#)
problems | solutions | preliminary individual results | preliminary team results | norms


20.08/2019 Quick Show:
The winners:  Danila Pavlov (1st place),
Oleksiy Solovchuk (2nd place),
Marjan Kovačević (3rd place)

20.08.2019 FINAL RESULTS of WCCC2019 Open Solving tournament (19.08):
results | norms | WSC points | standings

20.08.2019 WCSC 1st day (3 x #2 ; 3 x #3 ; 3 x endgames)
problems | solutions | preliminary individual results | preliminary team results


19.08.2019 Open Solving tournament:
problems & solutions | preliminary results | preliminary norms | preliminary WSC points


17.08. 2019 The 62nd WCCC & 43rd WCSC has been opened!

Official website: www.sachmatija.puslapiai.lt/wccc2019/

4.YCCC: an invitation to young composers

black-yccc-transpThe 4th Youth Chess Composing Challenge 2019 / 4ый Юношеский турнир по составлению 2019, organized by the members of newly formed Youth Committee, offers themes for three genres: #2, h#2 and endgame.

The age limit for participants is extended to U23 – for all young composers born 1996 and later. Another important change is introduction of one easier theme in all three genres (black self-block), aimed to attract the youngest generations and newcomers. Two other themes should inspire more experienced participants.

The deadline is 20. July 2019, and the prize-giving will take place at Vilnius WCCC, on 23. August 2019.

61st WCCC: first reports

logo-OHRID20183yccc-winners20180901_19481101.09.2018. In the Metropol hotel, on the beautiful lake of Ohrid, 61st WCCC was opened with musical program and welcome speeches. As a part of the opening ceremony, the results of the pre-congress competitions were announced. The medals, certificates and cups were given to the winners of the 3rd YCCC (on the photo: Alexey Popov, Ilija Serafimović and Danila Pavlov) and the two Internet tourneys (h#2 and h#n).

ohrid-lake02.09.2018. First session of the WFCC announced the program of Committees during the week that started in a summer atmosphere. The evening hours were devoted to traditional Quick composing tourneys (#2 and h#2).

20180903_10065003.09.2018. Open solving tourney, attracted 87 participants. See preliminary results and send possible remarks to the director Ivan Denkovski and his assistant Axel Steinbrink until 04.09.2018. 9.00 AM. Final result will be published in the second part of the same day. 20180903_100151The third day of the Congress ended with very interesting lectures by Andrey Selivanov (S#), bernd ellinghoven (h#), Paz Einat (#2), showing new goals in different genres of chess composition. The second part of the lectures was on possible improvements of the rating system for solvers. Harri Hurme and Tomaš Peitl presented different ideas and results of their investigations, with the hope to come to final proposals in 2019.

59th WCCC | Gallery of the YCCC 2016 Participants

wccc2016-logoyccc-for logo-cropOne of the aims of the Belgrade World Congress of Chess Composition 2016 was to engage the youngest generation of chess composers. Ten participants representing four countries – from 8 to 18 years – took part in the 1st YCCC. They produced 29 chess compositions, fulfilling thematic conditions in three different genres (#2, h#2 and endgames).

We are proud to present the Gallery of the participants, including their recent photos and selected compositions. We hope that connecting young composers all over the world will help them feel that they have their own generation in a field dominated by much older authors.

Invitation to the WCCC2016 (PDF) | Official website: http://wccc2016.matplus.net

Belgrade WCCC 2016: News for composers and juniors under 18


Dear chess friends,

  • Juniors: For the first time WCCC will include separate competitions for juniors (U14 and U18). A part from YCCC, there will be U14 and U18 categories in the frames of the Open solving tourney, and 2 more competitions for juniors U18 only: Machine Gun solving (#2), and the Youth Solving Show (#2). Both competitions will be run using original programs created by late Milan Velimirović.

    There have been 12 U18 solvers registered for WCCC till now, 7 of them in U14 category.

  • June 30th is the deadline for submiting entries for YCCC 2016, as well as for registering for the WCCC 2016.

Invitation to the WCCC2016 (PDF) | Official website: http://wccc2016.matplus.net

Belgrade WCCC 2016: Registering and the deadlines


Dear chess friends,

  • 86 participants from 23 countries have registered for WCCC 2016.
  • Let us remind you that direct registering on the WCCC 2016 site allows you reserving your places before fixing all the details of your trip and stay (see Registration of participants → Instructions / Help). Later on you may edit your registration till June 30th.
  • Registering till April 30th will secure free parking places in both hotels and the discounts for kids in parents’ rooms in Metropol Palace.
  • Eight young composers (U18) from Azerbaijan, Israel, Serbia and Ukraine have registered for the YCCC 2016.
    Registration continues.
  • June 30th is the deadline for submiting entries for YCCC 2016, as well as for registering for the WCCC 2016.

Invitation to the WCCC2016 (PDF) | Official website: http://wccc2016.matplus.net

59th WCCC | The 1st Youth Chess Composing Challenge 2016

wccc2016-logoThe first competition in the frames of 59th WCCC (announced January 31st) will be devoted to youngest chess composers (born 1998 and after). The 1st YCCC consists of three thematic tourneys (#2, h#2 and endgames), with 5 months time for composing. yccc-for logo-crop

The themes were suggested by distinguished composers Ivo Tominić, Fadil Abdurahmanović and Ofer Comay, who will take the roles of judges. Aside from the competitive and creative results, the event will produce the Gallery of participants, with their photos, selected problems and biographic data.

Invitation to the WCCC2016 (PDF) | Official website: http://wccc2016.matplus.net