4.YCCC 2019: photo gallery

WCCC_2019_Vilnius_logo_be fonoblack-yccc-transp

Prize Giving Ceremony
of the 4th Youth Chess Composing Challenge

62nd World Congress of Chess Composition

Vilnius, Lithuania
August 23, 2019



Michael McDowell (the judge of h#2), Danila Pavlov (3rd place in h#2, theme 2), Ilija Serafimović (the Cup winner),
Maksim Romanov (special achievement, beginner), Roy Ehrlich (special achievement, beginner), Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen (the judge of endgames), Marjan Kovačević (coordinator of YCCC project), Julia Vysotska (director of the 4th YCCC)

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