Solving Tournaments

Solving programs

  • Popeye for Windows, Linux, MacOSX
  • Olive by Dmitry Turevsky: Linux/Windows Graphical User Interface for Popeye and Chest
  • Fancy by Marek Kwiatkowski: Windows Graphical User Interface for Popeye and Stockfish
  • APwin by Paul H. Wiereyn: Windows Graphical User Interface for Alybadix and Popeye
  • WinChloe by Christian Poisson
  • Problemiste by Matthieu Leschemelle
  • Euclide for proofgames by Étienne Dupuis
  • Natch for proofgames by Pascal Wassong
  • Jacobi A web app that can solve fairy proof games by François Labelle
  • Teddy Windows Graphical User Interface for Popeye, Natch, Euclide and Jacobi by Bjørn Enemark
  • Stelvio The proof game test program by Reto Aschwanden

Databases, collections, archiving programs, various tools

The project to develop a standard format for the representation of chess problems by Thomas Maeder

Endgame Tablebases (EGTB)

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