42nd WCSC summary

logo-OHRID201820180907_211201The 42nd WCSC‘s summary page presents team and individual results, photos of the winners, the introductory words by competition director  Ivan Denkovski:

“As the director, I should better refrain from any predictions about the outcome of the championship, but nevertheless, I can say that it will really be a surprise if Poland does not continue its series of victories in the team competition.” →read more

61st WCCC – Highlights and Decisions

logo-OHRID201826 member countries were present. Neal Turner acted as substitute secretary.
WCCT: Mikalai Sihnevich (BLR) will be the director of the 11th WCCT. Countries are urged to submit their theme-proposals and inform about the sections they are willing to judge by 15 November 2018. The contact person is the WCCT committee spokesman, Georgy Evseev, 10wcct@gmail.com (same email address as in the previous tournament). It is hoped that the countries will submit sufficient feedback, so that the WCCT can be announced within March 2019.
WCCI: Selection of the judges for the 2016-18 WCCI was finalized. The announcement of the championship will be issued by the end of September and the closing date will be 20.1.2019. The results will be published on the site by the end of June 2019.
FIDE Album: Theme indexers are expected to finish their work by the end of 2018 and the 2013-15 album is scheduled to be ready in the 2019 congress. Selection of the section directors and judges for the 2016-18 album was finalized. The fairies section will be split in two groups (one group for fairies without conditions, and the other for fairies with conditions). The announcement of the 2016-18 album will be issued in early January 2019 with a closing date of 1 June 2019.  →more

42nd WCSC – FINAL results

logo-OHRID2018The 42nd World Chess Solving Championship brought the titles and new records to Piotr Murdzia and his team of Poland. Polish solvers became World champions for the 10th consecutive time, while Murdzia himself celebrated 8th individual win! The decade of Polish domination was rounded by the individual silver of the previous champion Kacper Piorun, after his four consecutive wins. The most pleasant surprise was the bronze medal and GM norm for Tomaš Peitl, 25-years old Slovakian solver.

If the team winners remained the same and the third place of Great Britain, earned by two ex-champions, came as no surprise, the fresh air came from several young stars. 15-years old Danila Pavlov was the 4th individual with GM norm and lead Russia to silver medal.  15-years Kirill Shevchenko won IM norm and lifted up the Ukrainian team to the 4th place, while the biggest gain in rating was made by 14-years old Ilija Serafimović from Serbia. The new generation should be closely followed!

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Final individual results | Final team results

Problems | Solutions

Final solving norms | Statistics


61st WCCC: Results of Solving Tournaments

. 42nd WCSC, day 1: Preliminary individual results | Preliminary team results

Open Solving tournament in the frames of the 61st WCCC:
Final results | Problems | Solutions | Solving norms | Statistics

05.09.2018. Machine Gun Results (director: Borislav Gadjanski) | Problems

05.09.2018. 42nd WCSC: Preliminary individual results | Preliminary team results | Problems | Solutions | Preliminary solving norms
Please send appeals to Ivan Denkovski and Axel Steinbrink until 06.09.2018, 9.00.

wsc2017-18-winnersWorld Solving Cup 2017/2018 FINAL: WCCC Open 2018, Ohrid, 3.9.2018
Winner: John Nunn (GBR) | The average rating of top ten solvers: 2.604
The WSC category of the tournament: 1
More details and the current WSC standing are published in Competitions→Solving→WSC: 2017/18 Calendar.

Winners of the WSC 2017/2018:
Martynas Limontas (LTU) | Vidmantas Satkus (LTU) | Piotr Murdzia (POL)

61st WCCC: first reports

logo-OHRID20183yccc-winners20180901_19481101.09.2018. In the Metropol hotel, on the beautiful lake of Ohrid, 61st WCCC was opened with musical program and welcome speeches. As a part of the opening ceremony, the results of the pre-congress competitions were announced. The medals, certificates and cups were given to the winners of the 3rd YCCC (on the photo: Alexey Popov, Ilija Serafimović and Danila Pavlov) and the two Internet tourneys (h#2 and h#n).

ohrid-lake02.09.2018. First session of the WFCC announced the program of Committees during the week that started in a summer atmosphere. The evening hours were devoted to traditional Quick composing tourneys (#2 and h#2).

20180903_10065003.09.2018. Open solving tourney, attracted 87 participants. See preliminary results and send possible remarks to the director Ivan Denkovski and his assistant Axel Steinbrink until 04.09.2018. 9.00 AM. Final result will be published in the second part of the same day. 20180903_100151The third day of the Congress ended with very interesting lectures by Andrey Selivanov (S#), bernd ellinghoven (h#), Paz Einat (#2), showing new goals in different genres of chess composition. The second part of the lectures was on possible improvements of the rating system for solvers. Harri Hurme and Tomaš Peitl presented different ideas and results of their investigations, with the hope to come to final proposals in 2019.


Registering for the 61st WCCC

logo-OHRID2018The deadline for registering for the WCCC in Ohrid has been extended to 1st July 2018. Participants are welcome to register by completing the registration form on the official website of the 61st WCCC, or by contacting the organisers.

The congress will be held at the “Metropol Lake Resort” in Ohrid, Macedonia, from Saturday, 1 September 2018 (arrival) to Saturday, 8 September 2018 (departure), with the WCSC on Tuesday and Wednesday, 4 and 5 September 2018. 

Download invitation as PDF | Official website: https://wccc2018.com.mk/

Invitation to Ohrid: 61st WCCC & 42nd WCSC

logo-OHRID2018The Chess Federation of Macedonia and Chess Club “Gambit Asseco SEE” have the honour to invite all delegates of the World Federation for Chess Composition (WFCC), national teams and individual chess solvers, chess composers, all those interested in problem chess, and accompanying families and friends, to attend the 61st World Congress of Chess Composition (WCCC) and 42nd World Chess Solving Championship (WCSC).

The congress will be held at the “Metropol Lake Resort” in Ohrid, Macedonia, from Saturday, 1 September 2018 (arrival) to Saturday, 8 September 2018 (departure), with the WCSC on Tuesday and Wednesday, 4 and 5 September 2018. 

Download invitation as PDF | Official website: https://wccc2018.com.mk/

60th WCCC – Highlights and Decisions

WCCC2017_logo 30 member countries were present.
WCCT: The results of the 10th WCCT were confirmed as final by the assembly. Selection of the themes and judging countries of the next WCCT is scheduled for the congress of 2018. The spokesman will ask the delegates to submit their suggestions throughout the next year. A potential director of the next WCCT was suggested by Russia and Ukraine; nevertheless delegates may suggest also other names to the spokesman for consideration.
WCCI: Dmitry Turevsky will be the director of the 2016-18 WCCI. Selection of the judges will start this year. As the top places in the WCCI are dominated by Russian and Ukrainian composers, to avoid complications that arose in the previous championship, the presence of judges from these countries should be minimized. Delegates are encouraged to suggest candidates for judging. →more