11th WCCT 2021-22 Results

The 11th World Chess Composition Tournament (WCCT) of the WFCC is completed. In total 33 countries participated in the tournament with 550 compositions in eight sections. The tournament was announced in May 2020 and the closing date for the submission of entries was July 1st, 2021. One document with clarifications and one with claims and replies were circulated to the participating countries. In March 2022 WFCC decided to exclude the teams of Russia and Belarus from the tournament in response to the hostilities in Ukraine and the Official Statements of FIDE Executive Council. The closing date for the judgments was extended to August 1st, 2022 and they were all received on time.
The winner of the 11th WCCT is Slovakia, ahead of Ukraine and Germany. All 33 participating countries received points. At the moment you may download the score tables only (overall and of each section). The full booklet with diagrams, solutions and comments will be available by mid of October.

Update (a few hours later!): Thanks to those who pointed out that there are a few mistakes in the overall scores table. In the totals of some countries the formula was not correct. Apologies for the oversight. Please download the correct file again.

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