World Solving Cup 2015/2016


World Solving Cup (WSC) 2015/2016

Current Rules


Short review:

  • The World Solving Cup and its rules were established at the Ostróda WCCC.
  • The WSC includes rated tournaments organized by countries – FIDE members. Each country may nominate one such tournament which should be open for all.
  • A season of the WSC is a period between the two WFCC congresses, with the WCCC Open as the final tournament of a season.
  • Countries should register their tournaments to be included in the WSC before or during the WFCC congress, but not more than one month later. A list of registered tournaments is published on the WFCC site. The official announcement of each tournament (or a link to it) is published on the WFCC site at least two months before it starts.
  • The best solvers from each tournament get WSC points. Depending on the category of a tournament a specific number of the best placed solvers get points. Tournaments are sorted into seven categories depending on the average rating of the ten participating solvers with the highest ratings.
  • The sum of a solver’s four best tournaments is taken into account for the WSC final result.
  • The Director for WSC 2015/16 is Marko Klasinc – or Announcements and any questions are to be addressed to him. Assistant Directors are Marek Kolcak and Vidmantas Satkus.

A WSC subsection with rules and calendar of the tournaments is published in the Competitions/Solving section.

Related note:
Solving tourneys database by Luc Palmans is updated and moved to The database provides problems of tournaments since 1977 and will be updated periodically with new and missing problems.

FIDE Olympic Tournament in composing 2016 (C 01.2.2016)

FIDE-logoThe International Chess Federation (FIDE), within the framework of its “Chess Composition” special project, and the Chess Federation of Azerbaijan are organizing the FIDE Olympic Tournament in composing 2016 dedicated to the 42nd World Chess Olympiad 2016 (Baku, Azerbaijan, 17-30.09.2016).

The tournament is coordinated with the WFCC Presidium and is a part of the joint efforts by FIDE and WFCC for the popularization and development of chess composition worldwide.

FIDE Album 2007-2009 & Album points till 2012

fide-album-0709-bookThe FIDE Album 2007-2009 (the official selection of the world’s best and most representative chess compositions) has been published. 640 pages, 1426 diagrams, 312 authors. Comments, indexes, registers, statistics in English.

Hard-cover blue clothbound. Price 45 euro (surface shipping free). Discounts if more copies ordered. Orders to Peter Gvozdják, Sample pages available as a PDF file.

WFCC is glad that the new editorial team continues the work of the old team keeping the same high-quality standards. Our sincere thanks and congratulations to all those who contributed to the project: directors, judges, indexers and editors. We updated the relevant pages with the statistics of both 2007-09 and 2010-12 albums (the latter is currently in progress).

58th WCCC & 39th WCSC: Breaking news

Logo_58WCCC_Ostroda 2015

(13.08) Highlights and Decisions

(09.08) The BULLETIN of the Congress (last version)

(08.08) Rating of the 39th WCSC, Ostróda, 04-05 August 2015 

(07.08) The 39th WCSC, Ostróda, 04-05 August 2015 – Preliminary results are replaced with Final results | Statistics

(05.08) The 39th WCSC, Ostróda, 04-05 August 2015 – Preliminary results, 1st-2nd day 

(05.08) Rating of the 58th WCCC Open, Ostróda, 03 August 2015 

(04.08) The 39th WCSC, Ostróda, 04-05 August 2015 – Preliminary results, 1st day 

(04.08) The 58th WCCC Open, Ostróda, 03 August 2015 – Final results 

(03.08) The 58th WCCC Open, Ostróda, 03 August 2015 – Preliminary results 

Solvers’ ratings July 1st 2015

Solvers’ ratings as of July 1st 2015 are published!
12 tournaments included: 9th Uralskij problemist Cup Tula; 23rd ICH of Russia Tula; 23rd ICH of Slovakia Bytca; 36th ICH of Azerbaijan Baku; Open Kedainiai; 36th ICH of Lietuva Kedainiai; 39th ICH of Germany Hannover; Open Iasi; 11th ECSC Iasi; ICH of Serbia Beograd; 2nd Israeli OSC; 14th ICH of Greece Athens.

Three top solvers are the same during the last year: Georgy Evseev, Piotr Murdzia and Kacper Piorun!

Participants of the 10th WCCT


The following 39 countries are registered as participants of the 10th World Chess Composition Tournament: Argentina, Austria, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Morocco, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, USA.