11th International Solving Contest: Results

Final results for the 11th International Solving Contest are published!

32 tournaments in 26 countries, 503 solvers from 30 countries.

Category 1 (239 solvers): 1) Piotr Murdzia (POL), 2) Bojan Vučković (SRB), 3) Kacper Piorun (POL)

Category 2 (100 solvers): 1) Zoran Ocokoljić (SRB), 2) Go Umayabara (JPN), 3) Arjen Kouwenhoven (NED)

Category 3 (164 solvers): 1) Nikoloz Kacharava (GEO), 2) Danila Moiseev (RUS), 3) Ilija Serafimović (SRB)

Problems cat.1 | Problems cat.2 | Problems cat.3 | Solutions cat.1 | Solutions cat.2 | Solutions cat.3 | Invitation

Our warm thanks to Ivan Denkovski for conducting flawlessly this year’s ISC too, under very unfortunate circumstances as his father Gligor Denkovski had passed away 10 days before the date of the contest.
Gligor was a national master of chess composition, specialized in retros and proofgames. Together with his son Ivan, Gligor was the director of ISC 2014 and 2015, as well as regular director of Open Solving Championships of Serbia in recent years. Above all, Gligor was one of the kindest and friendliest persons in our community: modest, positive, reliable; always willing to help and join the company. (by Marjan Kovačević, MatPlus.net)

Study of the Year 2013

soy2013-diagThe Study of the Year 2013 has been selected! The marvelous study of Pavel Arestov can be downloaded from www.arves.org/PDF-Awards/The%20Study%20of%20the%20Year%202013%20-%20study.pdf

You may click on the diagram at the left to view the study and play through the solution.

The report, all studies submitted and the scores of the judges can be found at:

Harold van der Heijden
Spokesman of the endgame study committee of the WFCC

58th WCCC & 39th WCSC

Logo_58WCCC_Ostroda 2015Dear delegates, deputies and individual members, solvers. The official announcement and agenda of the 58th World Congress of Chess Composition & the 39th World Chess Solving Championship in Ostroda, Poland, 1-8.08.2015 will be published at the end of February.

In case of any questions concerning the Congress and WCSC in Ostroda use the following e-mail address: 58wccc2015@gmail.com.

− Piotr Murdzia, Aleksander Miśta

FIDE ALBUM 2010-2012 – Results in section E2

fide-album-photoThe results of section E2 (helpmates longer than 2 moves) are ready. We appreciate the hard work of the judging panel and the director, as this section always turns to be very popular (almost 1400 entries!) →Read more…

We are also very glad to inform the problemists worldwide that editing of the 2007-09 Album is proceeding very efficiently and we trust that the anthology will be ready for sale in the Ostróda congress in August.

11th European Chess Solving Championship

11ECSC-logo211ECSC-logo1Iasi County Chess Association, Romanian Chess Federation and World Federation of Chess Composition have the honour of inviting all chess problems solvers and chess composition friends, to participate in the 11th European Chess Solving Championship organized in Iasi, Romania, from 01 May (Arrival) to 04 May (Departure) 2015.
Tournament Director: Eng. Dr. Vasile Manole, President of Iasi County Chess Association, Iasi, Romania.

ISC 2015 Applications

Dear WFCC delegates, dear ISC 2015 controllers,

Here is the list of applications (registered countries and names of local controllers) received for ISC 2015.

Please inform us if you notice that any application is missing and should be added. Thank you.

We wish you all Happy New Year.

Ivan Denkovski
Gligor Denkovski
ISC 2015 central controllers