Youth Chess Composing Challenge

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The 1st Youth Chess Composing Challenge

Belgrade · 2016

One of the aims of the Belgrade World Congress of Chess Composition 2016 is to engage the youngest generation of chess composers. The concept of the 1st YCCC is to offer young minds very concrete thematic conditions of a constructional kind, to bridge the lack of deeper theoretical knowledge.

Finally, we are proud to present the Gallery of participants, including their recent photos and selected compositions. We hope that connecting young composers all over the world will help them feel that they have their own generation in a field dominated by much older authors.


Gallery of the YCCC 2016 Participants


glafira_kulishGlafira Kulish (Russia)

born 28.03.2008

Favourite published problem (the only one)

L.Kudryavceva, G.Kulish

ChessStar 2016

white Ka8 Qb2 Pa2 Rc1 Bg5 Sh6 Pc6d4 black Kd5 Pd6

#2                                         (8+2)

1.Rc1-d1 ! 1...Kd5-c4 2.Qb2-b3 # 1...Kd5-e4 2.Qb2-g2 # 1...Kd5-e6 2.d4-d5 # 1...Kd5*c6 2.Qb2-b7 #

Chess related successes:

First place in the Volgograd region. Fifth place in Voronezh, and 4th place in the Kazan, the two phases of the Russian Cup.

Favorite genres in composition: Endgames.

School grade: Finished the 2nd class of elementary school.


maksim_romanovMaksim Romanov (Russia)

born 16.09.2005



No published problem yet.

Chess related successes:

Fifth in the Russian Championship.

School grade: Finished the 4th class of elementary school.

Hobbies and other interests: Gymnastics, breakdance.


Dušan Mijatović (Serbia)

born 17.11.2004

Favourite published problem (the only one)

Dušan Mijatović

Politika 2015

white Kc7 Sa4b6 Bc3 Pa3c2d3 black Ka6

#4                                         (7+1)

1.Sb6-d5 ! 1...Ka6-a7 2.Kc7-c8 2...Ka7-a6 3.Sd5-c7 + 3...Ka6-a7 4.Bc3-d4 # 2...Ka7-a8 3.Sd5-c7 + 3...Ka8-a7 4.Bc3-d4 # 1...Ka6-b5 2.Kc7-b7 threat: 3.Bc3-b4 threat: 4.Sd5-c3 # 4.Sa4-c3 # 3...Kb5*a4 4.Sd5-c3 #

Number of published compositions: 2

Chess related successes:

First category (2014). Fourth place on the U12 Serbian Championship, fourth place on the Blitz U14 Serbian Championship (2015).

Fifth in the U14 Serbian Championship (my first solving competition, 2015). Eighth in the U14 European Championship (2015).

Favorite genres in composition: Endgames.

School grade: Finished the 5th class of elementary school OŠ “Kneginja Milica”.

Hobbies and other interests: Mathematics – Going to the “School of young mathematicians”. Among other results, shared 1st place in the field of over 400 participants of the “Olympiad of elementary school”, organized by the Russian school for talented kids. Informatics – being the youngest member of the “SystemPro” school. Have handled bases of the programs C++, C#, html, Visual studio, SQL server, etc. Aikido – training in the “Novi Beograd” club, wearing the 10thkyu belt.


Ilija Serafimović (Serbia)

born 03.07.2004

Favourite published problem

Ilija Serafimović

1.Comm. SuperProblem TT-149

white Kh1 Qb5 Sd6g2 Pb4c4c5 black Kf3 Qd4 Pc6e6g3h2

h#2            2 solutions          (7+6)

1.Qd4*c5 Qb5-a5 2.Qc5-f2 Qa5-h5 # 1.Qd4*c4 Qb5-a6 2.Qc4-g4 Qa6-f1 #

Number of published/rewarded problems: 25/20

Chess related successes:

Winner of the U8 (2012) and U10 (2014) Youth Championships of Vojvodina.

Winner of the U10 (2014) and U14 (2015) Serbian Championships. Third in the 11th International Solving Contest, Category 3 (U12), 2015. Winner of the 12th International Solving Contest, Category 3 (U12), 2016. Fifth in the U14 European Championship, 2015.

Favorite genres in composition: Helpmate in 2.

School grade: Finished the 5th class of elementary school “Miroslav Antić”, Pančevo

Hobbies and other interests: Basketball: playing for the basketball team “Kris Kros” Pančevo, as a playmaker. Mathematics: I like math and participate in various competitions. Computer games: I like “Top eleven football manager” and “FIFA 15”.


Roy Ehrlich (Israel)

born 9.12.2003

Favourite published problem

Roy Ehrlich

Variantim 2015

White Kb1 Re3 Bd6 Bb5 Sd4 Pb6 Pd5 Pa4 Pc4 Pe2 Black Kc8 Qh6 Bh8 Bh5 Pb7 Pa5

Win                                       (10+6)

1.Bb5-d7+! {(1.Sf5?! Qh7!)} Kc8-d8! {(1...K:d7?! 2. Re7+
K:d6 3.Sf5+ Kc5 4.S:h6)} 2.Sd4-f5!! Bh5-g6!? {(2...Qg6
3.Ka2!! Bf6! 4.Be6! Qg1 5.Bc7+ Ke8 6.Bc8+! Kf7
7.Sh6+! Kf8 8.Bd6+ Kg7 9.Rg3+!)} 3.Bd6-c7+! Kd8*d7 {
}4.Re3-e7+ Kd7-c8 5.Re7-e8+! Bg6*e8 {(Kd7 6.Rd8#)} 6.Sf5*h6

Chess related successes

Won a few regional competitions. Like to play Swedish chess (couples). Together with a good friend Iftah have won 3 competitions, including one in Kiryat Ono, against 22 couples.

Two times winner of a competition during a chess summer course in the Tel Aviv chess center. This year third in the ISC 2016, Category 3 (U12).

Favourite genres in composition: Endgames.

School grade: Finished the 6th class of elementary school.

Hobbies and other interests: playing chess, composing chess problems, playing football, reading books, computer games, especially: “League of Legends”.


Alexei Abramenko (Russia)

born 03.03.2003

Favourite published problem

A. Abramenko

Volgograd Team ch.2012

white Kd8 Bd1d2 Rg4 Sf7h4 Pa2a4b4e3 black Kd5 Pd3

#2                                         (10+2)

1.Rg4-e4 ? zugzwang. 1...Kd5*e4 2.Bd1-f3 # but 1...Kd5-c6 ! 1.Rg4-c4 ? zugzwang. 1...Kd5*c4 2.Bd1-b3 # but 1...Kd5-e6 ! 1.Kd8-c7 ? threat: 2.Bd1-b3 # but 1...Kd5-e6 ! 1.Kd8-e7 ? threat: 2.Bd1-f3 # but 1...Kd5-c6 ! 1.Rg4-g6 ! zugzwang. 1...Kd5-c4 2.Bd1-b3 # 1...Kd5-e4 2.Bd1-f3 #

Chess related successes:

Won a competition in composing #1 problems, 2013 (theme No.5).

Won a tourney dedicated to the Day of Fatherland Defenders, and the U14 Youth Chess Olympiad, organized by the newspaper “Arguments and Facts”, 2013.

Second in the V. Vinokurov 60 JT, 2013. Best junior in the postal Championship of the Volgograd region, 2015. The best result in the 2nd All-Russian postal Championship, 2016.

Favourite genres in composition: Endgames.

School grade: Finished the 8th class of elementary school.

Hobbies and other interests: Parkour, football, checkers, fishing.


Danila Pavlov (Russia)

born 22.09.2002

No published problem yet.

Chess related successes:

Bronze medalist of the U12 World Championship of schoolchildren (Greece, 2013). Silver medalist at the U14 European Team Championship (Estonia, 2014). Bronze medalist of the U15 Russian Team Championship (Sochi, 2016). Winner of the U10 Russian Cup 2012, and the U14 Russian Cup 2015. Winner of the international youth tournament Moscow Open 2015. Winner of the All-Russian tournament Belaya Ladya 2013 (Astrakhan).

Winner of the U15 FIDE World Championship (Moscow, 2016). Silver medalist of the U17 FIDE World Championship (Moscow, 2016). Bronze medalist of the U14 European Championship (Tallinn, 2014). Three times Winner of the U15 Russian Championship (Sochi, 2014, 2015, 2016). Winner of the Russian Championship in solving endgames (Sochi, 2016).

Favourite genres in composition: Endgames.

School grade: Finished 8th class of Gimnaziya No 7, Volgograd.

Hobbies and other interests: I love sports. My favorite football clubs are Spartak (Moscow) and Barcelona (Spain). In the championship of Volgograd in football among school children in 2015, I was awarded a silver medal and a prize – best goalkeeper.


Azer Abbasov (Azerbaijan)

born 22.05.1999

Favourite published problem

Azer Abbasov

Kobulchess-2013, No.398

white Kc2 Bb2d1 Pd3f3h4 black Kg6 Qh5 Sa4e8 Rb6f2 Bg7 Pd2f6

h#3            2 solutions         (6+9)

1.Kg6-f7 Bb2-a3 2.Rb6-b1 Kc2*b1 3.Qh5-g6 Bd1-b3 # 1.Qh5-g4 Bb2*f6 2.Kg6-h5 Bf6-g5 3.Rb6-g6 f3*g4 #

Number of published compositions: 4, 3 of them helpmates.

Chess related successes:

The third in the in Azerbaijan zonal chess tournament.

Favourite genres in composition: Helpmates

School grade: Finished 11th class of elementary school.

Hobbies and other interests: I love to play football.


Alexey Popov (Russia)


Favourite published problem

Alexey Popov
2.Pr. Azat Sadikov 80 MT

white Kh6 Rb8 Pa3a5e5g5 black Ka4 Rd5f5 Pg6h7

Draw                                    (6+5)

1.a5-a6! Rd5-a5 2.e5-e6 Rf5-e5{display-departure-square} 3.e6-e7! {(3.a7? Rxa7 4.e7 Raxe7! -+)
} Re5*e7 4.a6-a7 Ra5*a7{display-departure-square} 5.Rb8-b7! Ka4-a5 6.a3-a4 Ka5-a6! 7.a4-a5! {
with two thematic lines:} 7...Re7-e8 8.Rb7-b6+ Ka6*a5 9.Rb6-b5+ Ka5-a4 10.Rb5-b4+ {
} Ka4-a3 11.Rb4-b3+ Ka3-a2 12.Rb3-b2+ Ka2-a1 13.Rb2-b1+ Ka1*b1 {=} 7...Re7-e6! 8.Rb7-e7! Re6-d6 9.Re7-d7! Rd6-c6 10.Rd7-c7! Ra7*c7{display-departure-square} {=}

Number of published problems: 12
Number of rewarded problems: 9

Significant results in chess game/solving/composing:

Chess – 1st category player. Solving – bronze medal in the FIDE world championship U19, 2016, 7th place in Helsinki WSC phase, and 9th place in Pardubice WSC phase, 2016.

Favourite genres in composition: Endgames.

School grade: Finished the 1st course of St.Petersburg Mining University.

Hobby and other interests: Solving sudokus, crosswords, scanwords, etc. Table tennis.


Marko Ložajić (Serbia)


Favourite published problem

Marko Ložajić

4.HM SuperProblem TT-133 2015

white Kf6 Qf1 Be6 Sh8 black Kf8 Bh7

#2                                             (4+2)
b) -Sh8; c) =b) -Be6; d) =c) -Bh7

a) 1.Qf1-b5! threat: 2.Qb5-b8 # 1...Bh7-g6 2.Sh8*g6 # b) -wSh8 1.Qf1-h1! threat: 2.Qh1-a8# 1...Bh7-e4{/Bg6} 2.Qh1-h8# c) -wSh8 -wBe6 1.Qf1-h3! threat: 2.Qh3-c8# 1...Bh7-f5{/Bg6} 2.Qh3-h8# d) -wSh8 -wBe6 -bBh7 1.Qf1-c4 Kf8-e8 2.Qc4-c8#

Number of published/rewarded problems: 5/5.

Significant results in chess game/solving/composing:

2nd place in U14 (2011) and U18 (2014) Belgrade Championships.

2nd place in the 9th International Solving Contest 2013 (Category 2), the best junior and 6th overall in Serbian Solvers’ League 2014.

Favourite genres in composition: Studies, helpmates.

School grade: Gimnazija Crnjanski, year 12

Hobby and other interests:

Listening to electronic music, playing tennis, football, table tennis, skiing, learning languages (I speak English and French, currently learning German), and theatre.

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