Invitation to the 10th ISC

The International Solving Contest next year will take place on Sunday January 26th 2014. The event is happening simultaneously in all participating countries.

There will be two sections: one for the experienced solvers. In this section solvers can obtain rating points.
The second section is intended for weaker, inexperienced solvers and for youth. This second section is not open for solvers with a rating of more than 1700. …Read more…

56th WССС – Highlights & Decisions

56WCCC-logoDecisions of the 56th WССС, Batumi, are published!  The highlights are: The results of the 9th WCCT and of the 2010-12 WCCI confirmed final; A section for retros will be introduced in the next WCCT; FIDE Albums 2007-09 & 2010-2012; New titles; place and time of 10th ISC, 10th ECSC, 57th WCCC and 38th WCSC. Some photos sent by Franziska Iseli (many thanks!) are also added.

WCCI 2010-2012: Results become final as of September, 15th, 2013

Today, on September 15th, 2013, the Results of WCCI 2010-2012 became final!


Marjan Kovačević (Serbia)

Aleksandr Feoktistov (Russia) 

Mikhail Marandyuk (Ukraine)

Sergiy Didukh (Ukraine)  

Michal Dragoun (Czech rep.)

Andrey Selivanov (Russia)

Petko A. Petkov (Bulgaria)

Dmitrij Baibikov (Israel)

kovacevic1 feoktistov-small marandyuk-small didukh dragoun-small selivanov-1s petkov_p baibikov-small

Congratulations to our champions, other medal winners and all participants!!!

Results of the 9th WCCT

Russian-teamThe 9th WCCT is completed. In total 37 countries participated in the tournament with 553 compositions by 257 composers in seven sections. The winner of the 9th WCCT is Russia, ahead of Ukraine and Israel. All 37 participating countries received points. See the Results of the 9th WCCT and also the Booklet in PDF for download.