FIDE Album 2004-2006 is ready

Announcement was published in February 2007. The closing date for entries was December 31, 2007.

Lists of received entries | Results | Most successful composers

Publication in April 2013. 688 pages, 1367 diagrams, 312 authors. Text, indexes, registers, statistics in English, French and German. Hard-cover blue clothbound. Price 45 euro (surface shipping free). Discounts if more copies ordered. Orders to Peter Gvozdják,

See also the updated page of the FIDE Albums.

Rating list of solvers

New competitions: 9. ISC, 5. WC Moscow, ICH of Great Britain (Eton), 36. ICH of Poland (Bydgoszcz), 34. ICH of Finland (Helsinki), 19. ICH of Netherlands (Nunspeet).

See the rating list of April 1st 2013 (wide-screen page in a new window).

9th International Solving Contest: results

piorun_2Final results for the 9th ISC are published!

34 tournaments in 27 countries, 340 solvers from 30 countries.

Category 1 (208 solvers): 1) Kacper Piorun (POL) 60/234 min. 2) Jorma Paavilainen (FIN) 60/239 min. 3) Bojan Vučković (SRB) 59

Category 2 (132 solvers): 1) Živojin Perović (SRB) 40/117 min. 2) Marko Ložajić (SRB) 40/167 min. 3) Jergus Pechác (SVK) 39

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Invitation to Batumi: 56th WCCC & 37th WCSC


The Georgian Chess Federation and Georgian Chess Composition Association have the honor to invite all WFCC delegates, national teams, individual chess solvers, composers and all those interested in problem chess to attend the 56th World Congress of Chess Composition (WCCC) and 37th World Chess Solving Championship (WCSC) in Batumi at the Black Seaside of Georgia.

Official website is

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