58th WCCC – Highlights and Decisions

Logo_58WCCC_Ostroda 201558th World Congress of Chess Composition

Ostróda, Poland
August, 01-08, 2015

26 member countries were present.

WCCT: The 10th World Chess Composing Tournament is in progress as scheduled. A new clarification document is expected to be issued by October 2015.

WCCI: Announcement of the 2013-15 World Championship in Composing for Individuals is planned for early September 2015 with a closing date of 20th of January 2016. The results are expected by 30th of June 2016. The Director will be Dmitry Turevsky. Judges and the members of the Supervising Panel have been selected.

FIDE Album: The 2007-09 album was made available in the congress. Orders are to be sent to the editor Peter Gvozdják. All material of the 2010-12 album has been forwarded to the editorial team. Theme indexers will be selected by the end of 2015 and they are expected to finish their work by the end of 2016; the 2010-12 album is scheduled to be printed before the 2017 congress. Announcement of the 2013-15 album is planned for 15th of January 2016 with a closing date of 15th of July 2016. Directors and judges have been selected. Starting with the 2013-15 album, helpmates will be a single section comprising of three sub-sections (h#2, h#3, h#n) with one director and three teams of judges. The limit of 30 entries per composer (or 3 x the selected compositions he had in this section in the last album he had participated) and the 14% rule of the selected entries will apply to the whole section and not to each sub-section.

Solving: The World Solving Cup and its rules were established. The Director of the 2015-16 WSC will be Marko Klasinc. Due to privacy concerns, it was decided that full birth dates of the solvers will not be shown anymore in the results of solving tournaments and in the rating list; only the year of birth may be displayed.

Studies: The selection of the study of the year 2014 will be done as last year. Further details will be published on the site http://www.arves.org/English/index.htm

Codex: It was decided that the practical OTB rule of ‘dead position’ can apply to a non-retro chess composition only if explicitly declared so by the author of the composition.

Miscellanea: A task force team was established that will have to prepare a set of rules and guidelines on ethics in chess composition. It is planned to agree on the wording of rules and establish a committee on ethics in the next congress.

New titles:

  • Grandmaster of the FIDE for Chess Compositions: Yochanan Afek (ISR), Hubert Gockel (GER), John Rice (GBR), Aleksey Sochnev (RUS)
  • International Master of the FIDE for Chess Compositions: Lev Grolman (RUS), Eugeniusz Iwanow (POL), Diyan Kostadinov (BUL), Gennady Kozyura (UKR), Gerhard Maleika (GER), Christopher Reeves (†) (GBR), Frank Richter (GER), Jacques Rotenberg (ISR) and Marian Wróbel (†) (POL, posthumously upon request by the country)
  • FIDE Master for Chess Compositions: Michael Barth (GER), Pavel Murashev (RUS), Rainer Paslack (GER), Guy Sobrecases (FRA), Lennart Werner (SWE)
  • International Solving Grandmaster of the FIDE: Oleksy Solovchuk (UKR)
  • International Solving Master of the FIDE: Misratdin Iskandarov (AZE), Tomáš Peitl (SVK)
  • FIDE Solving Master: Branislav Djurašević (SRB), Zaur Mammadov (AZE), Abdelaziz Onkoud (MAR), Bilguun Sumiya (MGL)
  • International Judge of the FIDE for Chess Compositions: Henrik Juel (DEN, retros), Dragan Stojnić (SRB, twomovers and fairies), Sven Trommler (GER, extension to selfmates and fairies)
  • Honorary Master of the FIDE for Chess Compositions: Hannu Harkola (FIN)

12th International Solving Contest (ISC) on Sunday 24.1.2016, directors Axel Steinbrink and Luc Palmans. It was clarified that participants in the category C (young solvers) should have been born after 24th of January 2003.

12th European Chess Solving Championship (ECSC) in Athens, Greece 15-17 April 2016.

59th World Congress of Chess Composition (WCCC) and 40th World Chess Solving Championship (WCSC) in Belgrade, Serbia 30 July – 6 August 2016.


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