WFCC Agenda 2015

58th Meeting, Ostróda, Poland, 1-8 August 2015


For the first session:
1. Opening address
2. Tributes
3. Verification of attendance and voting rights
4. Approval of the Minutes of the 57th Meeting (Berne, 2014)
5. Membership of the standing committees:

  • WCCT
  • WCCI
  • Solving
  • FIDE Album
  • Qualifications
  • Computer matters
  • Studies
  • Codex

6. Proposals and business carried forward:

1. Technical amendments of the Statutes
2. Progress of the 10th WCCT
3. Announcement of the WCCI 2013-15
4. Establishment of the World Solving Cup (proposal by the Solving committee)
5. Cheating in solving chess (proposal by Nikos Mendrinos)
6. Progress of FIDE album(s), announcement of the Album 2013-15
7. Partitioning of the helpmate entries in the FIDE Album (proposal by Thomas Maeder)
8. Introduction of a new section in the FIDE Album (proposal by Yochanan Afek et al)
9. ‘Dead position’ in the endgame studies (proposal by the Studies committee)

7. Miscellaneous:

1. Outline of business for the week from spokesmen of committees
2. Timetable for committee meetings
3. Review of the year (with contributions from delegates)
4. Report on the International Solving Contests 2015/2016 (Klasinc on behalf of Denkovski)
5. Report on the ECSC in Iasi 2015 (Nicula on behalf of Królikowski); Future ECSCs
6. World Chess Solving Championship 2015: introductory announcements
7. Future meetings and WCSC
8. Any other business

For subsequent sessions:
1. Election of Auditor and Reserve Auditor for the following year
2. Financial report, Balance sheet, Auditor’s report, Budget for the following year
3. Report by the spokesman of each committee on business covered
4. Discussion of proposals and business listed above
5. Report by the Director of the WCSC and spokesman of the Solving committee
6. Proposals by the Qualifications committee re. new titles
7. Decision regarding future meetings
8. Any other business
9. Closing summary and vote of thanks

Documents in PDF for download:

Ostróda 2015 agenda 

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