12th European Chess Solving Championship

ECSC12-logoThe Greek Chess Composition Committee, in co-operation with the Greek Chess Federation, has the honor of inviting the European national teams and individual solvers to participate in the 12th European Chess Solving Championship. The event will be held from Friday, April 15th (arrival) to Sunday, April 17th2016 (departure) at the “Oasis Hotel Apartments” in Glyfada, a cosmopolitan suburb of Athens.
Director of the open solving tournament will be Ioannis Garoufalidis (GRE) assisted by Harry Fougiaxis. Director of the ECSC will be Ivan Denkovski (MKD) assisted by Ioannis Garoufalidis and Harry Fougiaxis.

Solvers’ ratings January 1st 2016

(05.01) A correction is made to the Solvers’ ratings as of January 1st 2016: the 7th tournament, Henk Hagedoorn Memorial, is added; the changes are related to the main list only.

(01.01) Solvers’ ratings as of January 1st 2016 are published! 6 tournaments included: 24th Kedainiai cup; ICH of Switzerland Bern; 8th Albino cup Minsk; ICH of Belgium Geel; OPEN GP Warsaw; 14th GP Warsaw.

Three top solvers are: Georgy Evseev, Kacper Piorun and John Nunn!

Study of the Year 2014

arves“The Study of the Year“ award is organized by the WFCC and aims at introducing to the general public a single friendly endgame study that would hopefully appeal to chess players of various levels and encourage them to pay a deeper attention to the art of the endgame study on a more regular basis.

The competition to select the Study of the Year 2014 (SOY2014) is organized by ARVES. The SOY 2014 will be selected by an international panel of judges (Martin Minski, Oleg Pervakov, Gady Costeff, Ilhan Aliev and Harold van der Heijden). It is not the selection of the best study of the year, but the study which is best suited to popularize our art among the general chess public. The solution should be both understandable to players of average level, and appeal to players of master level. >>more/less

The deadline for submission is: December 1st, 2015. The selected SOY 2014 will appear on the ARVES website (www.arves.org) as well as in the UAPA site.