Solvers’ ratings July 1st 2016

Solvers’ ratings as of July 1st 2016 are published! 12 tournaments included: Memorial Branko Atanacković; 40th ICH of Germany Dresden; 37th ICH of Azerbaijan Baku; OPEN Athens; 12th ECSC Athens; OPEN Cherkassy; 30th ICH of Ukraine Cherkassy; 37th ICH of Lithuania Klaipeda; 24th ICH of Russia Sochi; 3rd Open Israeli Solving Championship; 10th UP cup Igalo; Montenegro GP Igalo. Three top solvers are: Georgy Evseev, Andrey Zhuravlev and Piotr Murdzia.

10th WCCT: Entries


Georgy Evseev, the director of the 10th World Chess Composition Tournament, presents the ENTRIES BOOKLET of 8 sections with introduction (available from the 10th WCCT page): Introduction (55 kb) | Section A (765 kb) | Section B (327 kb) | Section C (338 kb) | Section D (417 kb) | Section E (366 kb) | Section F (334 kb) | Section G (342 kb) | Section H (392 kb)

Important notes:

  1. The teams may send claims before October 1st, 2016 to the tournament Director, Georgy Evseev (
  2. Only appointed team leaders may send claims.
  3. Only claims concerning obvious misprints and errors, soundness and anticipation will be accepted. Claims about the thematic contents or technical improvement will be ignored.
  4. The judging countries should start judgment process immediately, in order to save time.


WCCI 2013-2015: Results

wfcc-logoThe WFCC is pleased to announce the results of the 2013-15 World Championship in Composing for Individuals. The WCCI was conducted, as usual, in 8 sections and attracted a record number of 2862 entries by 248 composers from 41 countries. We are grateful to Dmitry Turevsky, the director of the championship, who uploaded all entries on the site, co-ordinated flawlessly the 40 judges and prepared an excellent and very comprehensive report. All judges worked smoothly and submitted their scores on time. The members of the supervising panel resolved a few minor issues without interfering to the judges’ work.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all participants who made the championship such a great success!
The ceremony and the award of trophies will be held in this year’s congress in Belgrade.

Belgrade WCCC 2016: News for composers and juniors under 18


Dear chess friends,

  • Juniors: For the first time WCCC will include separate competitions for juniors (U14 and U18). A part from YCCC, there will be U14 and U18 categories in the frames of the Open solving tourney, and 2 more competitions for juniors U18 only: Machine Gun solving (#2), and the Youth Solving Show (#2). Both competitions will be run using original programs created by late Milan Velimirović.

    There have been 12 U18 solvers registered for WCCC till now, 7 of them in U14 category.

  • June 30th is the deadline for submiting entries for YCCC 2016, as well as for registering for the WCCC 2016.

Invitation to the WCCC2016 (PDF) | Official website: