World Solving Cup 2017/2018

wfcc-logo-transparentWorld Solving Cup 2017/2018

Current Rules (effective since Aug.2017)


The Director for WSC 2017/18 is Marek Kolčák - Announcements and any questions are to be addressed to him.
Assistant Directors: Vidmantas Satkus and Roland Ott.


Country / Event Date Place Type Announcement Results Cat. Problems Solutions
Registered countries with announcement
Switzerland 09.09.2017 Bern 6 rounds PDF PDF 6 PDF PDF
Belarus 04-05.11.2017 Minsk WCSC PDF PDF 5 PDF PDF
Poland (Warsaw Grand Prix) 25.-26.11.2017 Warsaw WCSC PDF PDF 4 PDF PDF
Belgium 02.12.2017 Geel Open PDF PDF 10 PDF PDF
Russia (Urals Problemist Cup) 03.02.2018 Moscow Open PDF PDF 4 PDF PDF
Great Britain 17.02.2018 Eton College 6 rounds PDF        
Finland 24.02.2018 Helsinki Open PDF        
Netherlands 03.03.2018 Nunspeet Open PDF
Germany 24-25.03.2018 Hüllhorst WCSC PDF        
Latvia 07.04.2018 Riga Open PDF
Greece 14.04.2018 Athens Open PDF        
Lithuania 14-15.04.2018 Kedainiai WCSC PDF
Slovakia 21-22.04.2018 Košice WCSC PDF        
Ukraine 27-29.04.2018 Odessa  WCSC PDF        
France 19.05.2018 Saint-Germain-au-Mont-d’Or Open PDF        
Registered countries without announcement
Azerbaijan April 2018 Baku WCSC          
ECSC Open 4-7.05.2018 Moscow
Serbia May/June 2018 not yet certain Open          
Croatia May/June 2018 not yet certain WCSC          
Israel June 2018 not yet certain Open          
Czechia July 2018 Pardubice WCSC          
WCSC Open September 2018 Ohrid Open          

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