7th Youth Chess Composing Challenge

The 7th Youth Chess Composing Challenge (YCCC) is the first composing tournament in the frames of the Batumi WCCC 2023.

The same as the previous editions, the 7th YCCC will be open to the U23 generation (born no earlier than 01.01.2000), and to all different genres of chess composition.

All young chess composers, and those who would like to try their hands in this kind of chess art for the first time, are invited to take part in three different sections (two of them with the set thematic conditions)!

The deadline for submission of the entries is July 15.

The results are planned to be announced on September 8 2023, during the Closing ceremony of the Batumi WCCC.

See also YCCC project on WFCC official website

11th FIDE World Cup in Composing 2023: Announcement

Composers from all around the world are welcome to take part in the 

11th FIDE World Cup in Composing 2023!

(the Regulations are published on the page COMPETITIONS->COMPOSING->FIDE)

The Director of the tournament is  Aleksey Oganesjan (FIDE).
The sections are:

  • A. Twomovers – Judge: Gerard Doukhan (France) 
  • B. Threemovers – Judge: Jean-Marc Loustau (France)
  • C. Moremovers – Judge: Ralf Krätschmer (Germany) 
  • D. Endgame studies – Judge:Branislav Djurašević (Serbia) 
  • E. Helpmates – Judge: János Csák (Hungary) 
  • F. Selfmates – Judge: Zoran Gavrilovski (North Macedonia)    
  • G. Fairies – Judge: Borislav Gadjanski (Serbia) 
  • H. Retros (Proofgames) – Judge: Thomas Brand (Germany)

The closing date for submitting the entries is June 15, 2023.

World Solving Cup 2022/2023 – Belgrade 29./30.04.2023

Open Solving Championship of Serbia 20236th tournament of World Solving Cup 2022/2023:
Participants: 18 | Winner: Danila Pavlov (FID) ahead of Marko Filipović (CRO) and Bojan Vučković (SRB – Serbian champion!)
Second IM norm of junior Kevinas Kuznecovas (LTU);
Average rating of top ten solvers: 2476.56 | WSC category: 4
Top 5 World Solving Cup: 1. Kevinas Kuznecovas (LTU) 61 points (+19), 2. Martynas Limontas (LTU) 53 points (unchanged), 3. Danila Pavlov (FID) 31 points (+31), 4. Marko Filipović (CRO) 27 points (+27), 5. Kacper Piorun (POL) 27 points (unchanged).
More details published in Competitions→Solving→World Solving Cup @ Solving Portal

Israel Open unites solvers again!

Good news for solvers around the world came from Paz Einat: on June 25, the 8th Open Israel Solving Championship 2023 will happen as a Multiple Locations Solving Tournament.

The very popular summer tourney will shift its form even closer to the ISC model, and include Category 2 into our Rating system. This way, the solvers without a rating, from many countries, will get a chance to gain a Half Rating, and those with a Half Rating can gain a full rating.

More details in the Announcement (PDF) on WSC page of the current season and on the page of Other Rated/remarkable solving tournaments 2023.

Invitation to Batumi: 65. WCCC & 46. WCSC

The Georgian Chess Federation has the honour to invite all delegates of the World Federation of Chess Composition WFCC, national teams and individual solvers, chess composers to attend the 65th World Congress of Chess Composition and 46th World Chess Solving Championship in Batumi, Georgia.

The Congress will be held from September 2nd (arrival) to September 9th, 2023 (departure) at the Legend Hotel Batumi ***** with the WCSC on Tuesday and Wednesday, September 5th and 6th. Georgia has already organised this event in 2013. Georgia has a great tradition in the Chess Composition field. Georgian chess composers are well known all over the world and have played an essential role in chess composition development in the world.

The registration deadline is July 2.  For registration and additional information, please contact David Gurgenidze at davidchessgurgenidze@gmail.com

Download invitation as PDF | Official website (coming) | MEETINGS→Batumi

World Solving Cup 2022/2023 – Riga 08.04.2023

49th Latvian Chess Solving Championship 20235th tournament of World Solving Cup 2022/2023:
Participants: 15 | Winner: Martynas Limontas (LTU) ahead of junior Kevinas Kuznecovas (LTU) and Vidmantas Satkus (LTU);
6th Place women solver Laura Rogule (Latvian champion!)
Average rating of top ten solvers: 2149.72 | WSC category: 11
Top 5 World Solving Cup: 1. Martynas Limontas (LTU) 53 points (+8), 2. Kevinas Kuznecovas (LTU) 42 points (+6), 3. Kacper Piorun (POL) 27 points (unchanged), 4. Piotr Murdzia (POL) 23 points (unchanged), 5. Nikos Sidiropoulos (GRE) 23 points (unchanged).
More details published in Competitions→Solving→World Solving Cup @ Solving Portal

Solvers’ ratings April 1st 2023

Solvers’ ratings as of April 1st 2023 produced by the Solving Tournament Manager are published on the WFCC Solving Portal.
6 tournaments of the 1st quarter 2023 are included: 19th International Solving Contest 2023 Cat 1, 19th International Solving Contest 2023 Cat 2, 44th Finnish Chess Solving Championship 2023, 28th Dutch Open Chess Solving Championship 2023, 46th International Polish Championship 2023, 31st Branko Atanacković Memorial 2023.
Ranking of the top ten solvers: former World Champion Kacper Piorun overtook John Nunn and Eddy Van Beers from the 7th to the 5th place, and Boris Tummes passed Marko Filipović from the 11th to the 10th place.
Largest five gains: Arvydas Mockus, LTU (+81.89), junior Kevinas Kuznecovas, LTU (+52.36), women junior Kamila Hryshchenko, GBR (+40.05), Tomoki Kurokawa, JPN (+31.55), Andrii Sergiienko, UKR (+29.70).

World Solving Cup 2022/2023 – Sękocin Stary 04./05.03.2023

46th International Polish Championship 20234th tournament of World Solving Cup 2022/2023:
Participants: 28 | Winner: Kacper Piorun (POL – Polish Champion!) ahead of Piotr Murdzia (POL) and junior Kevinas Kuznecovas (LTU – 3rd FM norm and FM title!)
Average rating of top ten solvers: 2424.75 | WSC category: 5
Top 5 World Solving Cup: 1. Martynas Limontas (LTU) 45 points (+16), 2. Kevinas Kuznecovas (LTU) 36 points (+19), 3. Kacper Piorun (POL) 27 points (+27), 4. Piotr Murdzia (POL) 23 points (+23), 5. Nikos Sidiropoulos (GRE) 23 points (unchanged).
More details published in Competitions→Solving→World Solving Cup @ Solving Portal
Photo gallery | Norms and Titles PDF @ Solving Portal

World Solving Cup 2022/2023 – Nunspeet 04.03.2023

28th Dutch Open Chess Solving Championship 20233rd tournament of World Solving Cup 2022/2023:
Participants: 19 | Winner: Nikos Sidiropoulos (GRE) ahead of Eddy Van Beers (BEL) and Richard Dobiáš (SVK – 2nd FM norm!)
5th Place Peter van den Heuvel (Dutch Champion)
Average rating of top ten solvers: 2375.81 | WSC category: 6
Top 5 World Solving Cup: 1. Martynas Limontas (LTU) 29 points (unchanged), 2. Nikos Sidiropoulos (GRE) 23 points (+23), 3. Eddy Van Beers (BEL) 19 points (+19), 4. Kevinas Kuznecovas (LTU) 17 points (unchanged), 5. Richard Dobiáš (SVK) 16 points (+16).
More details are published in Competitions→Solving→World Solving Cup @ Solving Portal