Merry Christmas!

Dear composers, solvers, judges, organizers, volunteers, and all lovers of chess composition, have a Merry Christmas!
For those of you who are not putting aside chess thoughts during winter holidays, we offered a chance to compose, solve, analyze and judge some original helpmates, inspired by different Christmas joys and symbols.

Our friendly Christmas Gallery Contest has attracted not less than 43 entries in less than 2 weeks – hopefully a sign of your good mood!

The next phase will be judging, and you will be the judges, if you want it.

The contest for the most popular compositions will be held in 3 sections, separated according to the length:

We invite everybody to take the roles of judges, by ranking these anonymous entries and marking them. The scales for marking will be from 12 (the best) to 1 inside the Groups A & C, and from 16 (the best) to 1 inside the Group B. The same mark may be given to more than one entry.

All composers who sent their original entries are invited to mark the problems in the group(s) where they didn’t take part!

The marks should be sent by 29th December at latest, to the email address

As you could see in the WFCC Composing Calendar, this event was announced in Section E, for orthodox helpmates only. The entries D1, D2 & D3 use unorthodox elements and will not take part in the contest, but that will not deprive you from solving and enjoying them here, in the section D.

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