8th WCCT – theme proposals

8th WCCT – theme proposals

Themes proposed for the 8th WCCT

I would like to thank all those who suggested themes for the different sections
of the 8th WCCT.

This is the key step in the long road awaiting us until this composing tourney
is successfully completed.

The themes are divided in 7 groups according to the 7 sections of the WCCT.
One theme of each group will be selected at the coming PCCC meeting in Eretria
(Greece), September 2005.

Word-document: Updated
A – twomovers (116 kb) July 2nd
B – threemovers (122 kb)  
C – moremovers (44 kb)  
D – endgames (36 kb) July 2nd
E – helpmates (113 kb) July 2nd
F – selfmates (89 kb) July 2nd
G – fairies (89 kb) July 5th

Updates 2/7/2005:

A2: example 1 cancelled; a single example remains.
A4: the wording of the theme definition is changed.
A12: this is a new theme suggestion.

D1: another example (no.4) suggested by U. Avner is added.

E10: there is a change in the theme definition.
E11: this is a new theme suggestion.

F5: the mistaken identity of the initiator of this theme-suggestion is corrected.

Update 5/7/2005:

G6: an improved version of the same suggestion.

Uri Avner
Spokesman of the WCCT subcommittee

P.S. Comments may be sent to: uriavnernetvision.net.il


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