7th WCCT – Letter No. 3

7th WCCT – Letter No. 3

7 W C C T


Section D, studies

Question by Poland:
Are the following schemes thematic? 1) White: Kh1 Rd5 Rh5 Bd3 – Black:
Kg8 Qb2 Rb8 Bf8 Pf2 Pg7; Win1.Bc4? f1Q+ (Td5 is disturbing). 1.Rh8+ Kh8: 2.Rh5+
Kg8 and the same position arises but without Rd5, although not Rd5 but Rh5
was captured. 3.Bc4# 2) White: Kg3; Qa8; Pa7 – Black: Kg1;Qh6; Rh7; Ph3 –
Win 1.Qa1? (Pa7 is disturbing); 1.Qh1+ Kh1: 2.a8Q+ Kg1 and the same position
as the initial one arises but without Pa7, although not Pa7 but Qa8 was captured.
3.Qa1+ win.

Both cases are not thematic. They satisfy only one part of the theme definition,
but not the part that requires the sacrifice (passive or active) of the disturbing
piece itself (not its substitute).

Question by Israel:
The definition says:"…Consequently, position X’ arises, which is identical
in every detail to position X, but without the eliminated piece(s)…"
Question: Does it mean that in positions X and X’ the same side must be
on move, or is it also possible that in position X one side is on move and
in position X’ the opposite side is on move?

In both positions, X and X’, the same side must have the move. Otherwise the
theme is not satisfied.

Remark: For this reply we have adopted paragraph 9.2 of the FIDE Rules of
Chess (approved Istanbul, November 2000) which says:

"Positions are considered the same, if the same player has the move,
pieces of the same kind and colour occupy the same squares, and the possible
moves of all the pieces of both players are the same. Positions are not the
same if a pawn that could have been captured en passant can no longer is captured
or if the right to castle has been changed temporarily or permanently."

Gevgelija, 6.10.2002

Best wishes,

Director of 7WCCT
P.BOX 163, 1480 Gevgelija

Invitation by Z. Janevski

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