7th WCCT – Letter No. 4

7th WCCT – Letter No. 4

7 W C C T


Section A, 2-movers

Question by Belarus:
In the second move of a #2, is a promotion of a pawn into Queen or Bishop
is permitted? Example: White : Kg8, Rf5, pp. f6, h5 (4)- Black : Kh6, pd5
(2); #2 1.f7! d4 2.f8=Q# or 2.f8=B#

This kind of “dual” promotion is acceptable.

Section A, 2-movers

All examples present black thematical motives. Does it mean that "white
themes" (Albino, white promotions, mates by pinned piece, etc) should
be treated as less thematical, or non-thematical?

The so called "white themes" (as characterized by the question)
are thematic and should be treated in the same manner as "black themes"
are treated.

Section E, helpmates

Question by Belarus:
Is it allowed to create a twin by changing the place of a thematic piece?

This kind of twinning is not forbidden by the theme definition. It is the
judges’ duty, however, to consider the artistic value of such a device.

Section F, selfmates

Two questions by Israel:
1. Can a white piece be sacrificed on a square protected by White, so that
only after the protection is subsequently removed, the black King is able
to capture it?
2. Can a white piece be sacrificed on a distant square, i.e. not at first
adjacent to the black King, so that only later in play, after the black King
approaches this square, the capture becomes possible?

The answer to both questions is YES. These are special cases of anticipatory
or delayed sacrifices which are allowed by the theme definition (the theme
allows a non-immediate capture of the sacrificed pieces).

Section G, fairies

Question by Germany:
The diagram positions – must they be legal beyond the rules which are pertinent
to the Single Box condition? In other words, must there be a proof game –
with normal orthodox rules applied – which shows, that the problem position
can be reached from the normal initial game array?

The history of the diagram position is irrelevant, and no theoretical or practical
proof game is needed (only in the case of two Bishops of the same colour,
no more than 7 pawns are allowed for the side who has them). The position
must be “legal” only in the sense that it follows the definition of the chosen
fairy type, e.g. for both types there should not exist on the board at any
stage additional pieces to those contained in a “single box” etc. (see theme

Information by Mr. Thomas Maeder
I have built a new executable, which Uri and I have seen run on a variety
of computers. Hannu has updated http://www.sci.fi/~stniekat/pccc//1999-2012/usingpy/
(thanks!); if you download py-wcct72.exe from the link on that WWW page, you’ll
get a working Popeye executable (“at least until the next bug appears”, says

Gevgelija, 15.01.2003

Best wishes,

Director of 7WCCT
P.BOX 163, 1480 Gevgelija

Invitation by Z. Janevski

Some words from the WCCT Subcommittee

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