WCCI 2010-2012: Section C – Moremovers, Results

marandyuk-smallThe results of WCCI 2010-2012: Section C – Moremovers are published! An interesting ABC-BCA Lačný change in the names of the three top composers compared to the threemovers section!

The winners are: 1st Mikhail Marandyuk (Ukraine), 2nd Aleksandr Kuzovkov (Russia)  and 3rd Aleksandr Feoktistov (Russia). Congratulations to the winners and to all participants!

Results of other WCCI sections are coming…

Solvers’ ratings July 1st 2013


Solvers’ ratings as of July 1st 2013 are published!
Tournaments included: 27.ICH of Ukraine, Sumi; 21.ICH of Slovakia, Bratislava; 34.CH of Azerbaijan, Baku; Open Vilnius; 9.ECSC Vilnius; 37.ICH of Germany, Bremen; ICH of Serbia, Beograd; 21.ICH of Russia, Obninsk; 21.ICH of Czech Republic, Praha; 7.Uralsky Problemist cup, Igalo.

The three top solvers are Piotr MurdziaGeorgy Evseev and John Nunn. Congratulations!