4th FIDE World Cup in Composing 2015 – Preliminary results – H-Retros & G-Fairies

FIDE-logoThe last preliminary results of the 4th FIDE World Cup in Composing for 2015, in section H-Retros and section G-Fairies, are published!

H-Retros (PDF, 295KB) & G-Fairies (PDF, 155KB) and also all previous results can be found under the Announcement, on the 4th FIDE World Cup in Composing 2015 page.
Our gratitude to the organizers of the 4th FIDE World Cup in Composing, to the director, Aleksey Oganesjan, and to all judges for their work! Congratulations to the winners and all participants!

10th WCCT: Announcement


Another important milestone achieved! The WCCT-10 announcement is ready!

The WCCT committee had been very busy in the past months with the selection of themes and judging countries of the 10th World Chess Composition Tournament. We invite the problemists worldwide to download the announcement which includes the rules, the time schedule and the theme definitions. As Georgy Evseev, the Spokesman of the committee and director of the tournament, points out the 10th WCCT will be the first tournament that is started without Uri Avner, who was the driving force behind several of the recent WCCTs. We hope that the themes presented in the announcement will provide the necessary inspiration for the final result to be marvelous and to reflect the best our art can achieve. We also hope that this will be a good way to pay our last respect to Uri Avner.

FIDE ALBUM 2010-2012 – Results in section D

fide-album-photoThe results of the 2010-12 Album Endgame studies section are ready.

Our warmest thanks to the director and judges for their hard work!

At the moment we are checking the results of the selfmates section, which will be published within this week. In parallel, the editorial team continues working fiercely for the 2007-09 album: indexing has finished in all sections and proof-reading has started.