World Solving Cup 2021/2022

The next cycle of the World Solving Cup will start right after the Rhodes congress with Roland Ott as Director and Marek Kolčák and Axel Steinbrink as Assistant Directors. Participating countries can register for the WSC 2021/2022 by sending an email to by specifying Country, expected Date (as exactly as possible), Place and Type of the tournament.

Although the final deadline for registrations will be only 1 month after the WCCC interested countries are encouraged to register as of now to help avoiding more than one WSC tournament at the same weekend.

As before tournaments counting for the WSC have to be announced with an invitation to be sent to the WSC Director at least two months before the tournament starts.

Current Rules of the WSC
Event table of the WSC cycle 2021/22:  →Solving→World Solving Cup (WSC)→2021/2022 Calendar

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