Rules for WSC

World Solving Cup (WSC)


  1. The WSC is a competition for individual solvers who compete at solving tournaments appointed by the WFCC.
  2. Tournaments have to meet the criteria for acceptability of tournaments at which ratings can be gained and must run at one place. In the case of tournaments with multiple locations only the tournament in the country and place of the central controller counts for the WSC.
  3. Each member country of the FIDE may enter one tournament for the WSC which is open for all participants. Countries register their tournaments to be included in the WSC before or during the WFCC congress, but not more than one month later to the WSC Director.
  4. A list of registered tournaments is published on the WFCC website. The official announcement of each tournament must be sent to the WSC Director at least two months before it starts and will be published on the WFCC website. Organisers should try to avoid holding their tournament on the same weekend as another WSC tournament that has already been published.
  5. The Open solving tournament organised during the ECSC counts for the WSC and the one during the WFCC congress counts as the final WSC tournament of a season.
  6. A season of the WSC is a period between the two WFCC congresses.
  7. Tournaments are sorted into fourteen categories depending on the average rating of the ten participating solvers with the highest ratings.
  8. The best solvers from each tournament get WSC points. Depending on the category of a tournament a specific number of the best placed solvers get points. If two or more solvers share places they all get points for the highest place they share.
  9. The sum of a solver’s six best tournaments is taken into account for the WSC final result. In case of a tie of points the average of solver’s performance ratings from those tournaments decides. All solvers getting points are included in the final table.
  10. The director of each tournament sends the complete results, problems and solutions to the WSC Director at most three days after the tournament ends. They are published on the WFCC website.
  11. The WSC Director decides should a tournament be included in the WSC in case of exceeding deadline for the registration and for the announcement of the tournaments (items 3 and 4). He decides the same in ten days after the tournament ends in a case of exceeding deadline for sending results of the tournament (item 10) or any other irregularity.

Categories of tournaments and distribution of WSC points:

Cat.Average rating of ten best
14< 200021             

WSC rules, PDF (updated in October 2023)

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