Solvers’ ratings January 1st 2018

Solvers’ ratings as of January 1st 2018 produced by the Solving Tournament Manager are published! 
9 tournaments are included for the 4th quarter 2017: 26th Kedainiai Cup, Open Solving Championship of CFO, 10th Albino Cup, 4th Round of Serbian Solving League 2017, 28th Henk Hagedoorn Memorial 2017, XVI WSGP 2017 Open, XVI Warsaw Grand Prix 2017, 24th Belgian Championship 2017, 5th Round of Serbian Solving League 2017. The ranking of the top ten solvers remains the same. Vidmantas Satkus (LTU) achieved the largest gain with an increase of 65 points which resulted in improving the ranking from the 48th to the 26th place.

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