The FIDE Album 2010-2012 has been published

fide album 2010-2012 imgThe FIDE Album 2010-2012 (the official selection of the world’s best and most representative chess compositions) has been published. 656 pages, 1402 diagrams, 294 authors. Comments, indexes, registers, statistics in English.
Hard-cover blue clothbound. Price 45 euro (surface shipping free). Discounts if more copies ordered. Orders to Peter Gvozdják, Sample pages available as a PDF file.

World Solving Cup 2017/2018 – New Rules

At the WCCC in Dresden new rules have been decided effective as from the 2017/2018 cycle of the WSC. Main focus of the changes was the aim to better attract travelling to solving tournaments in other countries.
The main changes are:

  • New distribution of points for categories 1-7 which reduces the excessively increasing differences of points for winners of stronger tournaments
  • Increase of the number of best tournaments that count for each solver from currently four to six tournaments
  • Declaration of the Open Solving tournament during the ECSC as WSC tournament


World Solving Cup 2016/2017 – Final

World Solving Cup 2016/2017: WCCC Open 2017, Dresden, 7.8.2017
Winner: Piotr Murdzia (POL) | The average rating of top ten solvers: 2.600
The WSC category of the tournament: 1
More details and the current WSC standing are published in Competitions→Solving→WSC: 2016/17 Calendar.

Winners of the WSC 2016/2017: Piotr Murdzia (POL) | Bojan Vuckovic (SRB) | Kacper Piorun (POL)

The next cycle, WSC 2017/18, will be directed by Marek Kolčák.

Solvers’ ratings July 1st 2017

Solvers’ ratings as of July 1st 2017 are published! 15 tournaments included: 26th Branko Atanackovic Memorial 2017, 38th Azerbaijan Chess Solving Championship 2017, 41st German Solving Championship 2017, Open Solving Tournament Lithuania 2017, 25th Chess Solving Championship of Slovakia, 38th Lithuanian Championship, 11th Urals Problemist Cup, 25th International Championship of Russia, ECSC Riga Open, 13th European Chess Solving Championship, Open Solving Championship of Serbia 2017, French Chess Solving Championship 2017, 4th Israel Open Solving Championship 2017, Open of the 31th Ukrainian Solving Championship, 31st Ukrainian Championship. Three top solvers remain the same: Georgy Evseev, Andrey Zhuravlev and Piotr Murdzia.