World Solving Cup 2021/2022 – Nunspeet 05.03.2022

Dutch Chess Solving Championship 2022 | 4th tournament of World Solving Cup 2021/2022:
Participants: 19 | Winner: Eddy Van Beers (BEL) ahead of Twan Burg (NED – Dutch champion and 1st FM norm) and Peter van den Heuvel (NED)
Average rating of top ten solvers: 2346.02 | WSC category: 7
Top 3 World Solving Cup: 1. Piotr Murdzia (POL) 23 points, 2. Stasys Steponavičius (LTU) 20 points, 3. Eddy Van Beers (BEL) 19 points

More details in Competitions → Solving → World Solving Cup (WSC) → 2021/22 Calendar.

World Solving Cup 2021/2022 – Helsinki 26.02.2022

Finnish Chess Solving Championship 2022 | 3rd tournament of World Solving Cup 2021/2022:
Participants: 12 | Winner: Joose Norri (FIN – Finnish Champion) ahead of Kari Karhunen (FIN) and Jorma Paavilainen (FIN)
Average rating of top ten solvers: 2058.21 | WSC category: 12
Top 5 World Solving Cup (unchanged): 1. Piotr Murdzia (POL) 23 points, 2. Stasys Steponavičius (LTU) 20 points, 3. Kacper Piorun (POL) 19 points, 4. Danila Pavlov (RUS) 19 points, 5. Martynas Limontas (LTU) 18

More details in Competitions → Solving → World Solving Cup (WSC) → 2021/22 Calendar.

15.ECSC – Registration & RIGA Tips

Dear participants of the 15th ECSC in Riga,

We are wishing you a nice stay in the capital of Latvia in May 2022!
For your convenience a RIGA TIPS section is created on the official website of the event, were we will be giving the recent information about traveling to Latvia and local conditions.

As some other big events take part in the same area in May, the official hotel expects to be in high demand. In the middle of April we will have to release a block of rooms reserved for ECSC 2022 if not used. Please register in March to be assured about staying in the official hotel (cancellation is free of charge up to the first week of May). Otherwise the registration is opened up to 15th April.

A number of measures will be eased as from 1 March 2022, as the state of emergency expires. From March 1st for entering Latvia either Covid19 vaccination certificate OR negative test result is needed. With the number of new cases declining, there are plans to lift all security restrictions as from 1 April.

Julia Vysotska, on behalf of Latvian Chess Problem Society

ISC 2022 – FINAL results, Statistics & Galleries

18th International Solving Contest (ISC) 23rd January 2022

Finally we had 44 tournaments in 20 countries and 585 solvers (+15 unofficial solvers in cat-3) – 94 solvers in cat-1, 166 solvers in cat-2 and 325 solvers in cat-3. Thank you to all local controller for their excellent work and good cooperation and congratulation to the winners. If you find any mistakes in the tables (e.g. wrong written names, wrong gender, …) please let me know. I will correct such mistakes.

Results: Category 1 | Category 2 | Category 3 | Statistics ISC 2022 | ISC 2022 Studies-Analysis | ISC 2022 Winners | ISC 2022 TOP 100

Axel Steinbrink, Central Controller of ISC 2022

See the ISC 2022 presentation with a gallery of participants!
The navigation to the ISC main page: Competitions -> Solving -> International Solving Contest

World Solving Cup 2021/2022 – Warsaw 05./06.02.2022

45th International Polish Championship 2022 | 2nd tournament of World Solving Cup 2021/2022:
Participants: 15 | Winner: Piotr Murdzia (POL – Polish Champion) ahead of Kacper Piorun (POL) and Stasys Steponavičius (LTU)
Average rating of top ten solvers: 2350.64 | WSC category: 6
Top 5 World Solving Cup: 1. Piotr Murdzia (POL) 23 points, 2. Stasys Steponavičius (LTU) 20 points, 3. Kacper Piorun (POL) 19 points, 4. Danila Pavlov (RUS) 19 points, 5. Martynas Limontas (LTU) 18

More details in Competitions → Solving → World Solving Cup (WSC) → 2021/22 Calendar.

18.ISC: first results

The preliminary results of the 18th ISC: We had 44 tournaments in 20 countries. In Category-1  94 solvers ; Category-2  166 solvers ; Category-3  323 solvers (+14 unofficial because solvers were too old for cat-3) – together 583 solvers.

In Category-1 already nearly 90% of the results are confirmed. Still the scanned sheets from several countries are missing.

All results will be updated in MatPlus every evening – see

Best wishes,
Axel Steinbrink, Luc Palmans
Central controllers ISC 2022

WCCI 2019-2021: Entries completed

wfcc-logoWCCI 2019-21 attracted a bit more than 250 composers with 2600+ compositions. Participants should check the list of entries on the Entries page and report comments to the director, Valery Kopyl (email: and to the webmaster (email:

The Entries to the 2019-21 WCCI can be found from the TOP EVENTS menu on the right and on the Competitions/Composing page, WCCI section:

Director of WCCI greets all participants and expresses his gratitude for the entries presented and proper reaction and assistance in working process.

15th European Chess Solving Championship

Latvian Chess Problem Society, in co-operation with the Latvian Chess Federation, has the honor of inviting the European national teams and individual solvers to participate in the 15th European Chess Solving Championship. The event will be held from Friday, May 13th to Sunday May 15th, 2022, at the Islande Hotel, in Riga.

Directors of the competitions: ECSC: Ivan Denkovski (North Macedonia), Open solving: Antons Gajevskis (Latvia), Solving-Composing tournament: Marjan Kovačević (SRB).

Please, register by 15th April 2022 at the  ECSC 2022 Official website. See you in Riga!