10th International Solving Contest: Results

Final results for the 10th International Solving Contest are published!

36 tournaments in 30 countries, 488 solvers from 34 countries.

Category 1 (290 solvers): 1) Piotr Murdzia (POL), 2)-3) Marko Filipovic (CRO), 2)-3) Kacper Piorun (POL)

Category 2 (198 solvers): 1) Jeyhun Huseynzada (AZE), 2) Arie Kozer (ISR), 3) Chris Maes (BEL)

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WCCC 2013 Minutes of Batumi meeting / Solving weekend 2014

56WCCC-logoMinutes of WCCC2013 Batumi meeting (pdf 192 kb) and Annex with Financial report 2013 (pdf 194 kb) are added to the Meetings/Batumi section!

Note: Soon after the distribution of the minutes to the delegates, we received the happy news that the ARVES Study Solving Day and the ISC in the Netherlands will be held on Saturday-Sunday, January 25th-26th 2014 in Wijk aan Zee. Further details are on the page http://www.afekchess.com/

Invitation to the 10th ISC

The International Solving Contest next year will take place on Sunday January 26th 2014. The event is happening simultaneously in all participating countries.

There will be two sections: one for the experienced solvers. In this section solvers can obtain rating points.
The second section is intended for weaker, inexperienced solvers and for youth. This second section is not open for solvers with a rating of more than 1700. …Read more…

9th International Solving Contest: results

piorun_2Final results for the 9th ISC are published!

34 tournaments in 27 countries, 340 solvers from 30 countries.

Category 1 (208 solvers): 1) Kacper Piorun (POL) 60/234 min. 2) Jorma Paavilainen (FIN) 60/239 min. 3) Bojan Vučković (SRB) 59

Category 2 (132 solvers): 1) Živojin Perović (SRB) 40/117 min. 2) Marko Ložajić (SRB) 40/167 min. 3) Jergus Pechác (SVK) 39

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