12th International Solving Contest (ISC)

12th International Solving Contest (ISC)

Sunday January 24th 2016

The International Solving Contest next year will take place on Sunday January 24th 2016. The event is happening simultaneously in all participating countries.

There will be three sections: one for experienced solvers. In this section solvers can obtain rating points.

The second section is intended for weaker, inexperienced solvers. This second section is not open for solvers with a rating of more than 1700.

The third section is intended for youngsters born after 24th January 2003.

As delegate you should appoint a local controller who can be entrusted with the responsible task of organizing this contest in your country. If you find it appropriate, this contest may be organized in more than one location in your country. It is permissible for countries to have a combined organization. Participants may also be from a different country. For each location a local controller must take responsibility. It is an absolute requirement that local controllers have an e-mail address at their disposal. The delegate will therefore indicate this e-mail-address. The local controller has to register on the MatPlus website (http://www.matplus.net) where he must enter the preliminary results of his tournament.

The contest in the main section will consist of two rounds with six problems each, i.e. for each round a 2≠, 3≠, n≠, EG, h≠ and s≠.

The second section will consist of two rounds with four problems each, of the same types as in the main section.

The youth section will consist of one round with six orthodox problems, i.e. two 2≠, two 3≠, one n≠ and one EG.

For each round, the solving time is two hours.

To prevent possible irregularities it is essential that the start of the contest is at the same time in each country. This means CET (Central European Time) at 11 hr. Local time must meet this CET. Between the two rounds a break is foreseen of minimum 0,5 hr and max 1,5 hr, at the option of the local controller.

The local controller will receive between 15th and 17th January 2016 the following Word-format documents by e-mail:

  • For each round, a sheet with the problems.
  • For each round, a sheet for writing the solutions.
  • For each round, a sheet with the solutions and their marking.
  • A form for summarizing the results.

The tasks of the local controller are:

  • Organisation of the local contest.
  • Announcement in local magazines.
  • Invitation of local participants.
  • Reproduction of the various sheets for the solvers.
  • Checking of the solutions and point-giving.
  • Entry of the results on the special MatPlus website not later than January 28th 2016.
  • E-mailing of the results. These must reach the central controllers by e-mail not later than January 29th 2016.
  • E-mailing of the scanned solving sheets to the central controllers, not later than the January 31st 2016.
  • The local controller should keep the original solving sheets to ensure a back-up.
  • The e-mail address of Axel Steinbrink is: axel.steinbrink@gmx.de
  • The local controller will send a copy of all e-mails to Luc Palmans (palmans.luc@skynet.be)

The central controllers check the markings and distribute the final result to the various local controllers and to the delegates not later than February 15th 2016. Appeals to be sent to the central controllers not later than February 20th 2016.

After handling possible appeals, the central controllers will present the results and their report to the subcommittee by March 10th 2016. After review the results will be presented on the WFCC-website.

The final results of this contest will take the form of individual ranking. No ranking per country will be provided by the central committee (although any country may do this for itself). There will also be a ranking for youngsters, seniors and female solvers.

The name of the locally appointed controller must reach the central controllers by e-mail no later than December 31st 2015.


Thank you for your cooperation,

Axel Steinbrink

Luc Palmans

Central controllers ISC 2016

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