WFCC Zoom meeting 19.05.21

The Zoom meeting 19.05.21 18:00 CEST was hosted by Andrey Selivanov with Julia Vysotska as cohosts.
Attendees were: Harry Fougiaxis, Greece -President, Klaus Wenda, Austria -Honourary President, Thomas Maeder, Switzerland -1st Vice-President, Vidmantas Satkus, Lithuania -2nd Vice-President, Luc Palmans, Belgium -3rd Vice-President, Neal Turner, Finland -Secretary, Delegates from 18 countries and 6 more attendees.

See the whole report in PDF, including the topics:

Points from the previous meeting
Russian participation in world championship events
WCCC 2021
Budget 2019-2020
Committee matters
WFCC web site
World Cup in Composing
Online task force

Next meeting
There was some questioning about how we should carry on with these meetings.
Mr Kovačević suggested we shouldn’t stop with online work until the Congress.
He also thought that there should be an official agenda drawn up and circulated before the meeting.
It was agreed the next meeting would be on Wednesday 2.6.21 18:00 CEST

Neal Turner, Helsinki 10.5.2021

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