WFCC Zoom meeting 10.05.21

by Abdelaziz Onkoud

The Zoom meeting 10.05.21 19:00 CEST was hosted by Andrey Selivanov with Harry Fougiaxis and Julia Vysotska as cohosts.

Attendees were: Harry Fougiaxis Greece -President, John Rice Great Britain -Honourary President, Thomas Maeder Switzerland -1st Vice-President, Vidmantas Satkus Lithuania -1st Vice-President, Neal Turner, Finland -Secretary, Pavel Kameník, Czech Republic -Delegate, Bjørn Enemark, Denmark -Delegate, Hannu Harkola, Finland -Delegate, Axel Gilbert, France -Delegate, David Gurgenidze, Georgia -Delegate, bernd ellinghoven, Germany -Delegate, Brian Stephenson, Great Britain -Delegate, Yochanan Afek, Israel -Delegate, Julia Vysotska, Latvia -Delegate, Abdelaziz Onkoud, Morocco -Delegate, Dinu-Ioan Nicula, Romania -Delegate, Andrey Selivanov, Russia -Delegate, Marjan Kovačević, Serbia -Delegate, Peter Gvozdják, Slovakia -Delegate, Joaquim Crusats, Spain -Delegate, Kjell Widlert, Sweden -Delegate, Valery Kopyl, Ukraine -Delegate, Zoltán Laborczi, Hungary -Delegate.

The meeting started on time with a discussion of the points raised by Marjan Kovačević…

See the whole report in PDF, including the topics:

1.1. Do we want to have these meetings regularly, at least until the next live Congress?
1.2. Logistic for the online meetings: who does what?
1.3. The rights for decision making
1.4. How to decide about the changes of Statutes if needed?
The ECSC & WCSC meetings

Summing up at the end of the meeting the President emphasised the importance for the Federation of the Congress going ahead this year.

Mr Kovačević welcomed the presence online of attendees from far afield such as Singapore and
India as well as others who wouldn’t normally attend live meetings.

The next Zoom meeting was set for Wednesday 19.5 at 18:00 CEST

Neal Turner, Helsinki 10.5.2021

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