WFCC Zoom meeting 02.06.21

The Zoom meeting 02.06.21 18:00 CEST was hosted by Andrey Selivanov with Harry Fougiaxis and Julia Vysotska as cohosts. Attendees were: Harry Fougiaxis, Greece -President, Klaus Wenda, Austria -Honourary President, Thomas Maeder, Switzerland -1st Vice-President, Vidmantas Satkus, Lithuania -2nd Vice-President, Luc Palmans, Belgium -3rd Vice-President, Neal Turner, Finland -Secretary, Delegates from 17 countries and 8 more attendees.

See the whole report in PDF, including the topics:
Solving committee
United Arab Emirates
WFCC internet site
FIDE Album
Women’s solving titles
Next meeting

Neal Turner, Helsinki 03.6.2021

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