New look of Ratings pages

The new look of Ratings pages will replace the pages for period 1.07.2013-01.04.2021 given on the bottom of Competitions->Solving page.
By default the new page shows the latest period, with the search option for previous lists.

The link (URL) to any rating list looks like:[quarter], where [quarter] is YYQN, like 21Q1 = 2021 quarter 1; 20Q4 = 2020 quarter 4; etc.
Quick links to the recent rating lists: 01.10.2020 | 01.01.2021 | 01.04.2021

Links to the old ratings pages, 1.07.2013-01.04.2021, will work up to May 14th, 2021. If you had any references on your websites to them, please update! I apologize for possible inconvenience related to the change in URLs.

The technical part of the change was related to the further (and necessary) upgrade of the software platform (WordPress + PHP versions). Hope, you’ll like the new design! (JV, the webmaster)

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