Solvers’ ratings April 1st 2021

Solvers’ ratings as of April 1st 2021 produced by the Solving Tournament Manager are published! 13 tournaments of the 1st quarter 2021 are included: Open of A. Suetin Memorial 2021, A. Suetin Memorial 2021, 17th International Solving Contest 2021 Cat 1, 17th International Solving Contest 2021 Cat 2, Open tournament Championship of the Central Federal District of Russia 2021, Open Solving Championship of CFO 2021, 15th Urals Problemist Cup 2021, RSSU-Cup 2021 (Alexander Pochinok Memorial Tourney), Kornilov-90 Tournament, Open of E.Bykova solving MT 2021, E.Bykova solving MT 2021, Open solving tournament Tula 2021, Open of the 35th Ukrainian Solving Championship 2021.
The top ten remain the same solvers as in the previous quarter with Danila Pavlov (RUS) rising from 8th to 5th place. The largest three gains have been achieved by junior solver Egor Sokolov (RUS / +155.08), ahead of junior Nikita Ushakov (RUS / +117.43), Bogdan Zolotov (RUS / +51.35), junior women Marina Putintseva (RUS / +49.45) and junior Andrey Shkurkin (RUS / +45.62.

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