ISC 2020 – preliminary results

“Now we have the completed preliminary results of the ISC 2020. The reports of the Solving Tournament Manager (STM): Preliminary results Cat.1Preliminary results Cat.2Preliminary results Cat.3

This year we had 885 solvers (cat-1 202, cat-2 241, cat-3 442) from 47 countries and 48 tournaments in 31 countries.

Thank you to all local controllers. You make this tournament to a great success.

I want to give a special thank to

  • Ivan Denkovski, Luc Palmans, Marjan Kovacevic and Neal Turner for selecting the problems 
  • Luc Palmans  for the preparing of problem and solution sheets.
  • Borislav Gadjanski for his help with all activities concerning Mat Plus and daily updates of results on Mat Plus
  • all Local controllers who uses the STM for their results”

Axel Steinbrink, Central controller of ISC 2020.

The first ISC was organized in 2005 and was an immediate success. …more →

We can’t praise enough the central controller Axel Steinbrink for his hard work, and without him the tournament would not be such a success. He developed the rules and the procedures of this complicated competition. As you all could witness in the past days, the tournament ran smoothly, with daily updates of the results, and a minimum of complaints. One reason of the success of this year (almost 900 solvers!) is undoubtedly that the ISC is such a well organized competition.

Everyone who was ever involved in a WCSC or ECSC-championship knows how hard this work can be: supervising several hours the competition, and then marking a few hundred solving sheets in the remaining hours, while all the solvers impatiently wait for the results. But this cannot be compared with the ISC. In the past days, Axel not only collected all the results and made all the rankings. Most of all he meticulously checked the more than 1300 solving sheets “with terrible handwriting, and corrects tens of careless local controllers” (dixit Marjan Kovacević). Thanks, Axel!

Finally, we thank all the participants for their efforts, congratulate the winners, and look forward to the 17th edition!

Luc Palmans, Central controller of ISC 2020, Spokesman of WFCC Solving Committee

Some words of gratitude to Axel Steinbrink, by the local controllers:

“Axel is the right man, in the right place, at the right time! He’s a perfect combination of a busy bee with an eagle eye!” (Paweł Stawarz, Poland)

… more

“Я уже давно наблюдаю за судейской работой Акселя. По моему мнению, это высококачественная работа. Не только в турнирах ISC, но и во всех, включая чемпионаты мира, подборки композиций всегда интересны и всегда сбалансированы по стилям и по трудности. Про таких людей говорят так : человек на своем месте. Крепкого здоровья, Аксель, и удачи во всем! (Alexander Azhusin, Russia – Tver)

16th ISC problems and solutions:
Problems cat.1 | Problems cat.2 | Problems cat.3 | Solutions cat.1 | Solutions cat.2 | Solutions cat.3
ISC 2020 Winners | Full Report

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