Other rated solving tournaments – 2016

wfcc-logo-transparentOther rated solving tournaments 2016

Rated solving tournaments which are not provided by WFCC and are not part of the World Solving Cup.

The name of the responsible tournament director is specified in the Results PDF.

Date Event Country Place Type Anncmnt Results Problems Solutions
03.01.2016 3rd Greek Chess Solving Cup GRE Multiple Locations Open PDF PDF PDF
27.-28.02.2016 39th International Polish Championship POL Serock WCSC PDF PDF PDF PDF
02.04.2016 25th Branko Atanackovic Memorial SRB Belgrade Open PDF PDF PDF
15.04.2016 12th European Chess Solving Championship – Open GRE Athens Open PDF PDF PDF PDF
06.-07.05.2016 24th International Championship of Russia RUS Sochi WCSC   PDF PDF PDF
14.05.2016 30th Ukrainian Solving Championship – Open UKR Cherkassy Open   PDF PDF PDF
21.05.2016 37th Lithuanian Solving Championship – Open LTU Klaipeda Open PDF PDF PDF PDF
11.06.2016 10th Urals Problemist Cup MNE Igalo Open   PDF PDF PDF
25.07.2016 1st Azerbaijan Chess Solving Cup AZE Baku Open   PDF PDF PDF
25.09.2016 1st Solving Cup “Byron Zappas” GRE Multiple Locations Open   PDF PDF PDF
01.10.2016 25th Kedainiai Cup 2016 LTU Kedainiai Open   PDF PDF PDF
30.10.2016 15th Greek Chess Solving Championship GRE Athens+Patras Open   PDF PDF PDF
12.11.2016 15th Warsaw Solving Grand Prix – Open POL Serock Open PDF PDF PDF PDF
12.11.2016 27th Henk Hagedoorn Memorial 2016 Cat A NED Soest Open   PDF PDF PDF
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