61st WCCC: Results of Solving Tournaments

. 42nd WCSC, day 1: Preliminary individual results | Preliminary team results

Open Solving tournament in the frames of the 61st WCCC:
Final results | Problems | Solutions | Solving norms | Statistics

05.09.2018. Machine Gun Results (director: Borislav Gadjanski) | Problems

05.09.2018. 42nd WCSC: Preliminary individual results | Preliminary team results | Problems | Solutions | Preliminary solving norms
Please send appeals to Ivan Denkovski and Axel Steinbrink until 06.09.2018, 9.00.

wsc2017-18-winnersWorld Solving Cup 2017/2018 FINAL: WCCC Open 2018, Ohrid, 3.9.2018
Winner: John Nunn (GBR) | The average rating of top ten solvers: 2.604
The WSC category of the tournament: 1
More details and the current WSC standing are published in Competitions→Solving→WSC: 2017/18 Calendar.

Winners of the WSC 2017/2018:
Martynas Limontas (LTU) | Vidmantas Satkus (LTU) | Piotr Murdzia (POL)

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