World Solving Cup 2019/2020 – current cycle extended until year-end

Due to the Corona pandemic all WSC tournaments since March 2020 had to be cancelled or postponed. To enable those countries to have a WSC tournament in the current cycle the WFCC Solving Committee has decided the following one-time rule change which is also supported by the members of the WFCC presidium:

  • The cycle 2019/2020 will be extended to the end of the year 2020
  • The cycle 2020/2021 remains from October 2020 to the date of the WCCC 2021
  • Roland Ott will act as director of the cycle 2020/2021 with Axel Steinbrink and Marek Kolčák as assistant directors

— Roland Ott, the director of the WSC 2020/2021

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