WCCT-11: New judging countries

Dear team leaders,

As a result of the recent WFCC sanctions to BLR/RUS for the WCCT-11, these judging countries had to be replaced.

In most sections, I made use of the appointed reserve countries;
if no reserve country had been nominated, I had to seek for a new judging country.

  • Section A (twomovers): Israel instead of Russia
  • Section B (threemovers): Switzerland instead of Belarus
  • Section C (moremovers): Finland instead of Russia
  • Section F (selfmates): North Macedonia and Slovakia instead of Belarus and Russia
  • Section G (fairies): India instead of Belarus. Slovenia, the initially appointed reserve country, declined on the grounds of competence for the stipulated theme (#3, fairy pieces).

As you are aware, the judgments should reach me by 1st of August 2022.
Warm regards, Harry Fougiaxis, Director of the WCCT-11

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