Solvers’ ratings October 1st 2021

Solvers’ ratings as of october 1st 2021 produced by the Solving Tournament Manager are published! 13 tournaments of the 3rd quarter 2021 are included: 42nd French Championship 2021, Open of 3rd Ukrainian Cup 2021, 3rd Ukrainian Cup 2021, Open of Russian Women Championship 2021, 7th Russian Women Championship 2021, Open of Golden Ring Cup 2021, Golden Ring Cup 2021, Russian Youth Cup 2021, 29th Championship of Slovakia 2021, 44th Polish Championship 2021, 47th Latvian Championship 2021, 29th Czech Championship 2021, Moscow Championship 2021.
The top ten remain the same solvers as in the previous quarter.
The largest five gains have all been achieved by Russian junior solvers: Egor Sokolov (RUS / +78.46), Oleg Tsaplin (RUS / +67.44), Marina Putintseva, (RUS / +65.94), Nikita Ushakov (RUS / +61.80), Anastasiya Chekina (RUS / +34.30).

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