Solvers’ ratings October 1st 2020

Solvers’ ratings as of October 1st 2020 produced by the Solving Tournament Manager are published! 8 tournaments of the 3rd quarter 2020 are included: Open Solving Tournament Tula 2020, 4th Russian Women Chess Solving Cup 2020, 28th Czech Chess Solving Championship 2020, 28th Chess Solving Championship of Slovakia 2020, 41st Lithuanian Championship 2020, Open Solving Championship Tver Region 2020, Open of Russian Solving Championship 2020, 28th Championship of Russia 2020.
The top ten remain the same solvers but Dania Pavlov has lost two places. The largest three gain has again been achieved by junior solver Boris Chervonenkis (RUS / +49.27), ahead of junior solver Egor Sokolov (RUS / +39.61) and Mihail Ganzhin (RUS / +36.80).

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