Solvers’ ratings October 1st 2018

Solvers’ ratings as of October 1st 2018 produced by the Solving Tournament Manager are published!
7 tournaments are included for the 3rd quarter 2018: 2nd Russian Women Chess Solving Cup 2018, Chess solving tournament ‘Day of family’ (Russia), 26th Czech Chess Solving Championship 2018, 1st Ukrainian Cup 2018, Open Solving Tournament of WCCC 2018, 42nd World Chess Solving Championship 2018, Open Men’s Solving Championship of Tula region.
The ranking of the top ten solvers sees some exchanges of places but only one addition with Bojan Vučković replacing Ofer Comay. The largest three gains have been achieved by Ilija Serafimović (SRB / +105.62!), Alexey Kukelko (UKR / +77.82 and Danila Moiseev (RUS / +76.06).

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