Solvers’ ratings April 1st 2018

Solvers’ ratings as of April 1st 2018 produced by the Solving Tournament Manager are published!
11 tournaments are included for the 1st quarter 2018: 5th Greek Chess Solving Cup, 41st International Polish Championship 2018, 14th International Solving Contest Cat 1, 12th Urals Problemist Cup, Grand Prix Moscow (memorial A. P. Pochinka), British Chess Solving Championship 2018, Finnish Chess Solving Championship 2018, 24th Dutch Open Chess Solving Championship 2018, 27th Branko Atanackovic Memorial 2018, 42nd German Solving Championship 2018, Open Solving Championship of CFO. The names of the top ten solvers haven’t changed; but some of them have exchanged their places with Piotr Murdzia as the most prominent one to be 2nd again in the ranking. The largest three gains have been achieved by Danila Moiseev (RUS / +111.41), Johan de Boer (NED / +56.63 and Konstantin Novikov (RUS / +41.95).

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