ISC 2020 – FINAL results, Statistics & Galleries

UlrichVoigt-ISC2020The results of ISC 2020 are final as of 25th of February, 2020. 48 tournaments in 31 countries, 885 solvers from 47 countries. The overall winners by category:

Category 1 (202 solvers): Ulrich Voigt, GER (1st place), Kacper Piorun, POL (2nd place), Evgeny Viktorov, RUS (3rd place)

Category 2 (241 solvers): Alexander Smirnov, RUS (1st place), Miķelis Emīls Miķelsons, LAT (2nd place), Bartosz Świątek, POL (3rd place)

Category 3 (442 solvers): Nikita Ushakov, RUS (1st place), Agnesa Stepania Ter-Avetisjana, LAT (2nd place), Daniil Maneluk, RUS (3rd place)

The presentation page of ISC 2020 Results is updated with a gallery of participants and statistics ISC TOP 100 2005-2020 by Axel Steinbrink.

FIDE-FB-profileFIDE – International Chess Federation

The 16th WFCC International Solving Contest attracted a record number of 885 participants from 47 countries. Chess composition is the art of creating and solving chess problems. Tournaments, both for composers and solvers, are held all over the world and governed by the World Federation for Chess Composition (WFCC). [→more @FaceBook]

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