Invitation to the 16th ISC

The International Solving Contest – ISC – next year will take place on Sunday January 26th 2020. The event is happening simultaneously in all participating countries. The name of the locally appointed controller must reach the central controllers Axel Steinbrink and Luc Palmans by e-mail no later than December 31st 2019:  /

There are two changes of the rules compared with ISC 2019:

1. The rating limit of Cat-2 is now 2000 (1700 in 2019) and cat-2 will be rated. Of course the birthday limit of cat-3 is now 31.12.2006.

2. The results will be automatically transfered to the MatPlus-website where they can be seen by all solvers. This means that there is no need anymore to enter results manually into MatPlus.
But top 3 results of Cat. 1 must still be sent by email to central controllers on Sunday evening!

I hope that even more local controllers will use the official WFCC Solving Tournament Manager (STM) for their results.

Until 31.12.2019 please send the following information: 

1. Name of local controller
2. E-Mail address of local controller
3. Location of local tournament
4. Use of STM: yes/no

Axel Steinbrink, 16th ISC Controller

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