PCCC meeting 2000

PCCC meeting 2000


43rd Meeting of the Permanent Commission 
of the FIDE for Chess Compositions 
in Pula (Croatia) 2.-9.9.2000

    26 member countries were present.

    President Bedrich Formánek (Slovakia),
    secretary Günter Büsing (Germany).

    World Championship in Composing for Individuals

    • WCCI is organized by the PCCC in 8 sections (the
      same as in FIDE Albums).
    • The first competition with the new rules will be
      for the years 1998-2000.
    • The director is Marko Klasinc.

    7th World Chess Composition
    (WCCT) will be conducted by Makedonia, Zivko Janevski as
    the director. It will be announced after the PCCC meeting 2001.

    All awards in the 6th WCCT are ready and the results
    may be printed.

    FIDE-Album 1992-94 is supposed to appear next
    Information about the selections will
    be given here soon.

    New titles:

      Honorary Master of Problem Chess: Rui
      Nascimento (Portugal)

      International Solving Grandmaster: Boris
      Tummes (Germany)

      International Solving Master: Valery Kopyl

      FIDE Solving Master: Peter Gvozdjak (Slovakia),
      Peter van den Heuvel (Netherlands), Kari Karunen (Finland), Ladislav Salai
      (Slovakia), Valery Semenenko (Ukraine), Axel Steinbrink (Germany), Hans
      Uitenbroek (Netherlands)

      International Judge: Neculai Chivu, Rumania
      (h#, s#), Udo Degener, Germany (2#), Ryszard Kapica, Poland (s#), Juraj
      Lörinc, Slovakia (fairies), Andrey Selivanov, Russia (s#), Yves Tallec,
      France (h#, s#) and extensions: Hans Gruber, Germany (studies), Zvonimir
      Hernitz, Croatia (2#, h#)


    Next meetings :

    • 2001 Wageningen, Holland
    • 2002 Portoroz, Slovenia
    • 2003 Truskavets, Ukraine

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